Dev Blog 128: Development on three fronts and Reboot post-mortem


Time for another development blog!

Jump in and see if you find anything you like.


Good read! Just curious if the winner of the default airport competition is going to be announced soon.


“…the game will initially be professionally translated to German (not by Google Translate…)…” :crazy_face:

While scrolling down the top of the de-icing truck appeared on screen and I was: Yeah, a FIRE TRUCK!!
Nope, just the de-icing. Nevermind, it’s a cool feature. Excellent work.

Guess I’ll have to join internal branch to test the german localization. That sounds exciting… :sunglasses:


Awesome how the game becomes better and better!

Just a question:
Since the gates are getting really crowded, because of the new service vehicles, do you consider to expand the size of the medium gates? Especially the front area, where the pushback truck is located, the gates could need more space in my opinion. :thinking:


Absolutely agree, the trucks should have enough space to manoeuvre them selves right in front of the plane without blocking the road.


They number ‘1’ on the deicing truck, is it adjustable?

I think (and hope) it is, because on top of the catering truck is a question mark. ‘?’ :grinning:

Looking forward to it!
Would like to see the number of the stand on as marking on the ground to replace the arrow. :wink:


Think what else might go on to of a catering truck???


My second guess is the catering company logo.

Seems more logic since it is the same question mark we get to see when a company logo is missing ingame. :+1:

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