Dev Blog 129: Another multiple floor update and a first de-icing demonstration!


Coming up hot! Read all about the latest de-icing baths in this week’s dev blog! :shower:


Great dev blog! I’m looking forward to playing with de-icing and multiple floors! Even if we have to wait a little longer for multiple floors, it’s better if there will be less bugs.

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It’s amazing! But that could be nice is we could deice at gate too, also texture on plane change after deicing!



I love the way you implemented deicing!:grinning:

It’s amazing! But that could be nice is we could deice at gate too, also texture on plane change after deicing!

That would only be realistic for type II fluids as type I is clear in colour.


Information about world weather you can find in MIL-STD-210C and MIL-STD-810G.
Check this standards it may be helpful.

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And here is another great devblog! I would like stands just like the de-icing stands but then for normal service. Keep up the good work!!! :smile:

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Very nice devblog!

I think the solution with the deicing pads is a very good one from a gameplay perspective. There is or will be enough action on the stands and additional deicing there would only lead to massive delays, because it can only start when all other boarding and service activites are finished.
Also in real life I have the feeling that an increasing number of airports switches to specific deicing pads, due to environmental and drainage requirements.

Nevertheless, I have three questions regarding deicing.

  1. On the screen you can see that on the lower pad there are two deicing trucks while on the upper pad there’s only one. So is it possible to operate them in both ways, with the effect that deicing with only one truck takes longer than with two trucks?
  2. Does the length of deicing also depend on the aircraft size, eg. that deicing an A320 takes longer than deicing an ATR42?
  3. Is it possible two assign deicing pads to rudways? Or is a system in place that aircrafts use the most logic ones? Imagine you hace a central terminal and a runway to both sides of the terminal in the east and in the west. Then in reality deicing pads often are located next to both runways. In my opinion, it would be a problem when aircrafts first taxi e.g. to the deicing pad in the east and then depart from the western runway.


To keep complexity down, we’ll only be supporting a ”generic” de-icing fluid.

That might be possible in the future! :slight_smile:

Correct, the system is very generic and only one truck at the pad will make de-icing take twice as long.

Not between an A320 and an ATR, but heavy aircraft take twice as much effort to de-ice as medium. However, large de-icing pads will support four de-icing trucks.

Runways will in the end be able to keep track of what de-icing pads it should use. We haven’t mads any final decisions here yet but we’ll make sure that the system balances load correctly.

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Interesting! Do you have any links to a database or something where I could check out the raw data?

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Really a interesting Dev log! :grinning:

Great to see the work that goes into expanding the game!
It’s gonna be a hell of a update.:sunglasses:

If the weather system is gonna be more detailed; any possibility that the take off en landing direction changes according to the wind? Can be interesting…

BTW: is that a new outdoor paving texture in the first image? :slightly_smiling_face:

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We used to have directional weather changin runway approach but it turned out to be too complex. We might add it again but we need better communication implemented for the player.

Regarding the outside texture, it’s been in there since Alpha 29! :slight_smile:


You should definitely add changing wind directions back in. It would add some difficulty and playing the game feels weird without it.

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Just use your favourite search engine for either of those terms. I found it straight away :slight_smile:

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You should have seen the backlog when it was in…

I did, only found .pdf files? Although I could spend some more time searching, true… ; )


Olof I found these datas, I don’t know if they are useful or not but you can check it out;

They have such maps with .tiff format. This is annual by months but there are datas of every day in a year too. Unfortunalety I don’t have tiff reader and I couldn’t find it.

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Cool, I will check it out!

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How’s this weeks developing going? Any updates from Tuesday?


De-icing is currently being tested on the internal branch, along with the new localization system (and of course catering). The new and improved multiple floor version will also drop on the internal branch probably mid-week next week as we feel that we’ve achieved the desired progress we wanted there. From that point on it’s bug fixing and stabilizing before multiple floor drops on experimental, cant’ say exactly when that’ll happen but we’re progressing well! :slight_smile:


Awesome, to be honest not been playing much as waiting for multiple floors but can’t wait to get stuck in


Awesome, to be honest not been playing much as waiting for multiple floors but can’t wait to get stuck in

I can’t deny that. When multifloors are added, everything we know about airport designing will be changed.