Dev Blog 134: We’re back from summer vacation(!), The Turnaround Update released and what’s next for Alpha 33

Here you go! First dev blog after the summer break:



Woow! Welcome back! Very exited for Alpha 33!!:smile:

Also… May we get a little sneak peek? :wink:

I cannot find the epic feature in Trello.

Thanks for the devblog guys! Looking forward to the unique/different progression system! :smiley_cat:

Have fun on Gamescon!

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With large aircraft, it will get even harder to build large airport haha, can’t wait to see them popping out !

Indeed, also wondering if we will get a larger playground :thinking: :relaxed:


I cannot find the epic feature in Trello.

It is this:

Copy and paste!!! Detailers rejoice

Thank you for the help !

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Somehow I make myself stupid again. I have tested the copy function and once came a pop-up window, where I could apparently save the copied object. But it disappeared again and I do not get it a second time no matter what I try …

Sneak peek…


That’s genius.:rofl:

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Yeah please!

Wait a minute…


That’s what broke the discord bot


Yeah bit of a mess lol, sorry about that, I guess that’s what you get for deploying an update, a dev blog and being at Gamescom at the same time…

Sorted now through!


excited for Alpha 33. :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now back to reading the other parts. :smiley:

Edit: Excited for the disasters as well in Alpha 36. Will there be possibilities of strikes of ground personnel? :hushed:

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