Dev Blog 135: The future of Airport CEO

Negative, as they are plain without any markings or lights.

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Add gravel runways :joy:

Perhaps “static” displaced thresholds could be added…

couldn’t have said it better myself.

Will there be a way of transporting people between different parts of the terminals (obviously if both parts are secure) to reduce travel times (On larger airports passengers keep missing flights because they can’t walk fast enough)?

Possibly by adding People Movers ( or a modified version of the airside shuttle buses (that provide a route between different stops with the ability to assign a particular number of buses to a given route to control frequency/capacity)

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This is definitely one of the biggest design-based limitations in the game. Even if CPU performance allows massively huge airports, the pax transport speed will always limit the size of a functioning airport. No amount of clever routing will work until we have separate terminals. Right now there’s no way to optimize both size and travel times. People movers would be a great idea. You could build them like single-width roads within your terminal, for example.

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I’m not entirely certain some of the reasoning to remove the customizable runways make sense. I understand that it will be easier to develop and maintain but do you know what would be even easier to maintain? If the aircraft would just magically spawn at the stand. It currently feels like a very useful feature is being removed to make the game simpler, where game development usually goes the other way around.

Having an upgradeable runway allows the player to start off small and then gradually add on to the existing runway to allow for bigger aircraft. If the system is removed, the only way to upgrade your runway would be to completely bulldoze the runway, halt all operations at the airport and construct an entirely new one.

Another issue is that a lot of players seem to want to recreate real life airports which would become much harder with only three standard sizes.

Could it perhaps be possible to have the ‘old’ system in place along side the new one on the experimental branch for a few weeks once Alpha 33 comes out, and see what the actual impact would and see what players prefer.

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Or just tell us that you’ll make all that stuff moddable once the game leaves alpha and skillful people can create all sorts of runways and stands and stuff for other players who appreciate it and you can stick to the minimum to keep it easy for newbies. Problem solved.

On a new subject, I’ve noticed that the trello board now indicates ULDs as a new feature under development. Nice one, @Olof @Fredrik!

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what is ULDs?

Wikipedia says:
Unit Load Device, a pallet or container used to load aircraft

So it’s a cargo container.

Unit loading devices maybe? Those things with that scissor-like platform raising cargo into a plane’s freight bay?

If you only have runways that are longer than the relevant aircraft size, I’ve had 800m runways only while still handling small aircraft in the past, then high-speed exits part way along the runway become relevant. I presume they would be similarly relevant for medium aircraft landing on large runways.

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I’ve read full devblog, no sings of cargo operations…? Any plans? :confused::airplane::package:
@Olof @Fredrik @Alexander

I’ve asked the same question, shortly after the last devblog was published, this was the answer of the devs:

Cargo is currently on hold.

So we have to see what the future brings.

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You know the non extendable runway feature might be awesome during this time but I think we just have to adapt to the fact there will only be 3 runway lengths and sooner or later we will think that it is normal to have 3 lengths of runways.

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Would not be surprised if cargo will be a DLC after full version launch, as that will bring a completely new set of systems, vehicles, buildings, etc


Would be cool having Radio DLCs and maybe futuristic vehicles DLC ya know :wink::grinning:

Would be cool having Radio DLCs and maybe futuristic vehicles DLC ya know :wink::grinning:

Modding communities would fit to this task better than a DLC. I am also thinking that Cargo DLC would be enjoyable and would be beneficial for Apoapsis Studios :wink:


Yeah sure, I also think that Cargo is DLC
worth thing as it’s like whole
separate thing.