Dev Blog 144: Soon releasing Alpha 34, beginning work on Alpha 35 and the Airport CEO soundtrack now available!

I was thinking about suggesting the same thing haha
But then I was thinking that with a length of 3 or 5 it wouldn’t be symmetrical anymore on the outside. We can only build terminal foundations as 4x4 cubes so if you don’t wanna make your terminal completely flat it would stick out there. Only 6 tiles long would work so you could place 2 tiles of wall in the middle. But overall I’m just happy that we have a solution.

Hmm now you say it, you got a point. So 4 is optimal number.

To me 6, bc you could fit it into a 2x2 foundation piece whereas 4 looks weird in a 1x1 piece. And if you wanna put symmetrical walls in the middle there would be more space for pax on left and right side to walk through, 1 tile is quite narrow. But again, the most important thing is that we have a solution.

4x length aligns best with the existing window sizes, if you’re going for an all glass wall between your stand jetways.

Looks great. And avoids having to build an extra floor. Now, will we be able to choose on which side arriving PAX will spawn (and vice versa)?

BTW I see no reason why it has to be an even number

Where’s the


That is all I need for that matter. Thanks.

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great solution - thank you for listening and working something out. I’m not bothered by symetry. In fact, I think I like the removal of zoning tiles best to segregate - so much opportunities with this.


Thanks for the great response and trying to work with the community! Your compromise looks perfect! Can’t wait to try this out for myself when it’s released

In that picture of the segregation - are those vending machines I see? :grin:

i am not dev but yes those vending machines :stuck_out_tongue:

Only 6 tiles long would work so you could place 2 tiles of wall in the middle.

Well, with the 4X configuration like in the image you can still have a double wall and then, magic, symmetry :laughing:

I just hope you will open script modding in the future to allow us to create the complixity we want in the game like Traffic Manager in CIties Skylines. But the comprmise is ok for the time being.

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A few questions on vending machines:

  1. How many/what kinds will there be, will there be other than just food (ie. Electronics?)
  2. Will they have to be restocked, or are they infinite in their comforts?
  3. Will you sign a contract with a vendor for the vending machines?
  4. Will there be sound effects :thinking:

Anyways, super excited for the update!

I just realised that while this solution works for jetways, it wont for ground level walk out to the plane and for remote stands. Is there an ability to create a gate door 4 wide that pax will only access on the right as they walk towards it. If so then we could do the same thing for pax arriving by bus or airstairs.


I usually have my departing passengers on the 1st floor with a set of stairs to the a door on ground to the bus stop or airside. I have my arriving passengers just come in at ground and then collect baggage on the ground floor and they very really mix

…or, as someone has proposed, have the possibility to have different bus stops for inbound and outbound.
Maybe by marking them as both, depart, arrive (like the runways can be marked).

Edit: Found the idea here One way roads and bus stops for arrival and departure


Thanks for the detailed explanation and also for the Compromise! It archives but most of what i want to accomplish, on question and maybe an idea for the compromise; would it be possible that non-arriving passengers be banned from the baggage claim zone? That is the only thing the compromise as i understod it doesent solve

Just wondering how large your baggage claim zones are that you feel the need to ban people from it.
Mine are just a one tile around the belt and nobody without business there wants to go there…

Don’t know where else to put this, so feel free to move it if you find a better place for it.

I just had to interrupt playing and put the game on pause. after one hour I came back and the computer was still on, did not went to standby mode, something that always disturbs me in other games that always go to standby when you just watch. Finally some devs who know how to prevent windows from sleeping and how to let a game run in “background” when you alt-tab to a different app (like I do now when I write this).

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If baggage claim areas can be placed in secure zones, I’m guessing the existing security exits will divide arriving and non-arriving passengers?