Dev Blog 153: Emergencies!

Yes, this gets me very excited! Though a couple of questions and clarifications:

  1. With regards to the incidents, do they only stack fines when you ignore them? In A35 (or A34 I think), it was mentioned that failure to set up baggage conveyor properly will lead to fines from the regulators and eventually the revocation of your commercial license. However, as has been pointed out by someone here, that feature does not work. Will this be fixed or removed from the game as of A36?
  2. Since there will be passenger incidents, will staff’s security rounds finally be implemented? There were no mention of this in the devblog.
  3. Can multiple passive emergencies occur at the same time, i.e. weather warning and oil crisis? It would be great if this is tied to the difficulty setting we choose (so it actually affects something other than starting money)
  4. How would air ambulance landings work, given its different nature than the other active emergencies?
  5. Would you be able to charge airlines money if they have a plane parked in your hangar? It also don’t look like service technicians are needed for these hangar jobs (which is … a shame tbf, but oh well).
  6. Is it possible for emergency flights UI in the flight planner (the red color) be made somewhat more distinguishable than just using red color? With modded airlines in-play, it might get difficult to differentiate between normal flights vs emergency flights just on glance, especially if the modded airlines use very similar shade for the flight planner.
  7. I see that the airport is fully fenced in, so would the security fence finally have an in-game impact soon?
  8. Is it possible for ACEOs to spawn emergencies using the console command?
  9. A bit unrelevant to the devblog, but someone posted a Facebook chat from the devs stating that the 767 is coming, is this confirmed?

All in all, this is quite exciting. I can’t wait to see how things will unfold from here.


Hm… when there are emergencies because of not de-icing: Please make sure, the weather is changed. I don’t have de-icing at my airport because there are negative degrees all year round (even summer) and so my planes are constantly de-icing and I don’t like that.
My airport is in western Germany and our summers aren’t that bad :wink:

to the rest: LOVE it. Can’t wait! :heart_eyes:


i do love it - i would love to see fires inside termial that CEO needs plan a emergency exit routes and safety inside termials


No, because having a non-airline stand with auto-planning disabled would be equivalent to having an “emergency only” stand. We might add a button at some point that would call it “emergency stand” but behind the scenes it would simply be a non-airline non-auto-planner stand.

No, to ensure that emergency flights are relevant we use the same ratio values for generating them as we do for the other flights - with the exception that you do not need to have a signed contract with them.

They are more or less exactly like stands with turnaround swapped for maintenance or dismantling, you can set them as airline-only, GA-only (small) or supporting medium on large (large).

It drives via service roads as close as it can to the runway and then waits for the emergency landing to occur, after which it is allowed to drive freely across the runway.

Yes, at least at this point, we must test and verify before we can think of adding more but it’s likely that we’ll generate more fire truck jobs for emergency landings.

It is! :wink:

So these are good exceptions on delimitations we’ve had to make, while surely possible to add and it would indeed look cool it would extend the development time of this update by weeks if not months. We first now need to star testing the existing emergency implementation and I could maybe, if there’s time, see that we’d add the requirement of a pushback truck pushing a broken aircraft around but as for the other things I don’t think we can motivate their implementation. I’d say it’s something we’d save for an Airport C2O down the road…

At this point they are only used for maintenance, however I’d see it likely that we’d add just regular maintenance visits aswell during beta.

Yes, runways deteriorate quickly when there’s an ongoing fire ontop of it.

No, part of the challenge is to ensure that you construct the infrastructure of the airport in such a way that all runways can be guaranteed emergency service upon their arrival. Ideally, just like with CPH for example, you would construct your airport response stations close to where they might be needed.

There are no employee types relating to fire or medical emergencies, however fire trucks, ambulances, airport police cars and security officers are as usual procured and hired by the CEO.

No, not at this point, I agree that it’s a bit inconsistent compared with the other vehicles so we’ll evaluate this aspect further down the road.

Fixed! :wink:

This is a very good perspective that we completely share! We did aim for a good balance between the two aspects of realism and tycoon just because of the reasons you describe.

All active emergencies have a max duration length which, if reached, will automatically fail the handling of the incident. The faster and better you handle an incident, the better your grade will be, as you describe.

No, sorry, the signal failure incidents relates to subways and is a passive incident where all subway entrances are disabled for some time.

It will be fixed during beta.

They are somewhat similar to emergency landings but not require immediate planning, instead they are scheduled to arrive a few hours up to a day forward. The aircraft will have a special air ambulance livery and needs to be met by an ambulance at the stand which then will deliver the patient outside of the airport world (leave and then come back).

Yes, airlines will pay a hangar service fee. Since hangars are a structure it doesn’t make sense to specifically add an employee type for them, it’s a delimitation we’ve made since long (that structures don’t require staff) but it’s now a game design rule we must stick by. Is it something I would change for Airport CEO 2? Yeah.

Unfortunately fire emergencies will only relate to aircraft landings.

Yes! :slight_smile:


Small thing: Please let us color the emergency vehicles to have it correct to the chosen airport country. :slight_smile:


The fire truck and airport police car can be colored to your choice, we did not find many ambulances of custom colors (other than emergency yellow) and that in combination with some particular texturing work made by @Jettuh we decided to not make it colorable.


No!!! :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Considering the airport ambulance will be delivering the patient to outside the patient world, wouldn’t it be probable to make ambulances custom color, to blend in with the RP/local color?

Also, is it possible to mod the air ambulance, e.g. change their liveries? What will be the sizes for these ambulances, e.g. would they only appear as small-medium sizes, or would we see an A380 air ambulance :v

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Thank you @Olof for answering! :grinning:


So does this mean, that if you have two parallel runways, and one is longer. Does emergencies, choose which runway to land on is 50/50. Because this would be false as all of the commercial aircraft would land on the longer runway. This is within reason, as a small aircraft does not need to land on a large runway?

Sorry if it is a bit confusing.

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Direct quote of @ReV0LT:

That is a suspiciously high number of Airport CEO 2 / Airport C2O references. Do you have something in mind?

Don’t kill me for using light mode Discord.
(Sourced from the official ACEO Discord)

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Excellent stuff - I am so looking forward to Alpha 36 dropping into Experimental… :smiley:


well - for full realism, the pilot would already have declared an emergency, and the approach controllers would have contacted the airport to see if it can handle the emergency, and clear a path in. If anything, an approaching aircraft on final would simply indicate it’s the mayday aircraft, and would not be calling an initial mayday on final.

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Since we are going to manually find an available stand for the emergency landings, couldn’t we have the exact same feature to reassign delayed flights, or flights that can’t land because of another delayed flight on its original stand. This means that we can build the airport in a way we don’t need to have extra stands just for emergencies, but also for delayed flights.

This adds to realism, since gate changes are a thing in real life (it could also affect passenger happines) and also adds to the game, its always a bummer having an available stand but another flight isn’t landing because of a delay. I know that this wouldn’t be simple to code, but in the gameplay aspect, it’s the same tool we are going to have for emergencies.


Fantastic, really looking forward to the MD80 in particular. Now, I understand not handling an emergency correctly will result in a penalty, but will correctly handling it and repairing the aircraft result in profit?
Also, will general repair or maintenance for payment be an option like any other service?

Anyways, really looking forward to A36 and it’s great to hear the summer sale went so well :grinning:!


It’s written in the long quoting text from Olof above that there is a hangar maintenance fee. So aircrafts which spending longer time in the hangar pay more. And there is also a good impact on the airport rating.


Just a quick question: will A36 also contain a weather update with changing winds and starting/landing directions? Would be one thing, missing before beta imho.

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Looking forward to this. The game is already feature rich - absolutely amazing.

With aircraft emergency needing to land, will the system then allow us to move a flight to create a vacancy? Right now we can move flights in flight planner, except when that flight is on final or on the ground. When an emergency is declared would we then be able to cancel the landing of the scheduled flight to make room for the emergency? Or would I have to dismiss a flight early to make room?


Awesome DevBlog, as always! I have a question, will the land expansion be handled in Alpha 36 or in Beta. I do not believe I saw it it in the DevBlog. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Will there also be a way that we can have certain stands only accept emergency flights, sort of like a standby stand? Otherwise I would have to worry about my stands getting full before an emergency flight. I would also like this process automatic, sort of. If you have “auto accept emergency flights” on for example, there could be only a handful of stands would be able to handle the flight. It would be a option next to the “Air Traffic Type” and “Commercial or GA.” This is just what I am imagining. Sorry for the long post… :worried:


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