Dev Blog 158: Airport CEO in beta!

Good evening all! After two months of dev blog drought, here’s finally a new one:



I love how the new overlay looks! :smiley:

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Nice blog!

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Awesome! Now to sit back and wait for people to identify the 4 new planes showed, because I can’t wait for them to be added!

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Are there going to be medium GA?

I see medium business jets.

By the way, is Saab 2000 going to be a medium plane or a small one?

It is around the size of ATR so it will be medium airplane.

Another nice but somehow upsetting devblog. I knew the end of AirportCEO development will eventually come but I still can’t / don’t want to admit it. I actually wonder what exactly will happen after full release and full release bug fixes. Does AirportCEO will continue to be developed with 5% development process of current times or the game will be moved to rusty shelfs of “abandoned games” category.

However, as of this moment we do not have any plans on major DLCs such as cargo or similar,

Well this has doubled my sadness :frowning:


I recognize a Saab 2000 and a PC-12


Nice dev blog guys.

As you are going in a deserved holiday break soon, could you make the modders a x-mas present in form of another MDK like Saab, Fokker or even the upcoming B767? As that’s the time when we have plenty of time due to the current world situation. :smiley:

As the Saab340 almost fits in the small stand, the Saab2000 would be way too long and look ugly in a small stand. Because of that reasons, I hope that one will use the medium stand.

nice blog.

And I’m hoping they are actually small. They will look tiny on a medium stand. Learjet 60/70/75 are around the size of DHC-6 or Beechcraft 1900D, which are small planes.

I’m also hoping the small jets will be usable as commercial planes and not just GA.

Apart from the S2000 (Medium), only two of them have applied for a commercial licence, and they are very often used as air ambulances (nudge, nudge, wink, wink Fredrik (please)).

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Yeah, it’s been the reality for our lives for the past five years now that we’ll eventually have to move on from. It’s gonna be a bit weird but in the end it’s also going to be extremely exciting start over with a new idea and building a completely new tech platform. If it’s one thing we’ve learnt while developing Airport CEO it’s how to not code games like this, the base we wrote during the first two years is a lot of the reasons to why it’s taken another three years to complete the vision (of course, including a lot of new content). We know that with everything we’ve learnt we’re going to be able to build vastly better designed and vastly better running experiences, way less bugs and with a lot faster time to market. ACEO is the only game we’ve made and if it can turn out this well on a first try we’re quite excited to see what we can do with some experience to lean on.

This is also in part because of the technical situation we’re in. ACEO is today fine from a code perspective and it’s OK to work with, but no one in the team feels excited about doing all of the work that would be required to implement cargo in a way that makes sense and that is fun. Currently we simply lack the passion for such a project and that’s not a good sign or a good place to start from as we will not be making the players, nor ourselves, justice. Of course, passions can change and we’ll never say never but as it stands now I think all of us needs a bit of a break from the ACEO code base.

It would also make much more sense for us to start working on a new, reusable tech platform, and then further down the line after a few other games (if we don’t go bankrupt, lol) seriously consider an ACEO 2 in 3D. Taking everything we’ve learnt from this first game, the good and the bad, and perfect it in a second edition.

We’ll see in what ways we can implement all the aircraft!, GA or non GA, small or medium :wink: :smiley:


This is really sad man… :sob: I still remember the very first day I met with this awesome game and you awesome developers.

virtual hug :hugs:

Then I want to ask this: since you guys are saying that the core of game is not very suitable to this type of genre, do you consider to turn ACEO into open-source or at least partial open-source game? Just by looking at #modding section, I am quite sure that there are some talented modders and even programmers who can do more things to this game.

Because what you guys have accomplished is not something simple. A 2D airport tycoon and management game with grid system… There is only one another game in this genre and we all can see the major differences in between that game and you which is the reason why majority of community members are in this forum.


Oh, i hope you don’t!