DevLog 106: A New Aircraft, The New UI Sprint Progress, Steam Workshop Integration and Rendering Performance

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what good steam workshop

Can we get a floating, closable, build window with the last 5? objects that the player recently build, to fast-build them again?

Beautiful :open_mouth:

About modding; it is the best option on Steam games. For example Euro Truck Simulator 2 has the exact same modding feature. You can either subscribe to a mod on Steam Workshop or you can download mod from websites and place it on Users/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/Mods (a.k.a. Native Mods)

And it has a nice in-game Mod Manager menu too:

A menu something like this, and especially with option of seeing Natime mods/Steam Workshop mods/ Both would be very practical and useful.

But there is something I want to ask? WHAT can be modded and WHAT CAN be published via Steam Workshop and WHAT CAN NOT be pulished via Workshop? For instance ETS2 Steam Workshop doesnโ€™t allow map mods. Users have to download map mods as Native Mods.

Just wondering, what is the relation between brands that you sprite on planes and mods uploaded to steam, is that an issue?

This Alpha is moving along nicely! Canโ€™t wait to be at the beta stage!


We havenโ€™t thoroughly vetted theses types of policies yet, or decided on the overall moderating form of the Steam Workshop but looking at Cities: Skylines I see heaps of company branded mods so I canโ€™t imagine it being an issue. But of course weโ€™ll have to review such details before launching it.

Small update: Weโ€™re currently uploading and downloading mods and saves freely, integration is going wellโ€ฆ :sunglasses:


What will be able to be modded for Steam Workshop?

Only what you can mod now, meaning businesses, products and liveries but hopefully the integration with Steam Workshop will increase the interest for modding. Oh and you can also share saves, which is new. :slight_smile:


Great! Glad to see you guys making some great progress. Would aircraft modding be further down the pipeline in alpha or will it be released in the beta version?

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Is the not being able to sign contracts for shops still a thing?

Yep, that will be planned for after the workshop has been setup. :slight_smile:

Unless there is some new bug that just occurred, this should work fine.


Will there be a tool you release to help create the respective JSON files for the Cords and things or are they easily derived from the PS files?

Excellent, keep up the good work.

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when does the steam workshop come out?

There need to be some kind of tool as it is much more complex putting together an aircraft over just a livery. The different parts needs to be sliced, positioned and scaled correctly as well as any lights, doors points, vehicle points, flaps etc. that will have to be placed correctly in the model. So, I we need to have some visual tool to help modders do that otherwise it will just be a pain to guess all of the above.


I would double check this, I can when i first start the gameโ€ฆ but after that nothing. That floating menu never goes away and i think that may be an issue, i kind of wish it could be gone and that info be included in the contract somehowโ€ฆ

Can you include a screen shot of this issue? What is your aspect ratio? Sounds a bit like a UI bug if thereโ€™s a floating panel that does not go away.