DevLog 111: The New UI Released (Alpha 27.7), Feature Voting Round 1 Closed and Launching the Development of the Airport CEO Mod Tool


:airplane: :paintbrush: :computer: :flight_departure:



@pderuiter why you haven’t said something. Does that mean ACEOMM will be terminated? :disappointed_relieved:


The tool will disappear in the future (far future, i have maddening little time). But the data won’t go away. After i finish version 1 i will make sure the ACEOMM data is ported. Because that is too much hard work to let it go to waste :slight_smile:


So then ACEOMM willl continue under the name of “AirportCEO Mod Tools” right? I will be honest I see a huge potential on this mod and I don’t want to be separated from it :disappointed_relieved:


You are the master of data :slight_smile: But as i said, it will be a while before this happens


Instead we’ll be developing them all simultaneously and deploy them in increments as they near completion.

Nice :grin: :heart_eyes:


The official mod tool, ultimately developed by us with great assistance from pderuiter, is only interested in the tool’s functions and features, not any ”official” data distribution. From an Apoapsis Studios perspective we will never release any mods, so the ACEOMM data, i.e. the mod you’re managing, will still have to be run and distributed by you, its authors! :wink:


So we can expect some new gameplay elements before the end of july?


Yes, definitely. :slight_smile: - maybe not the full implementation of those large features, but increments and new minor content. We’ll already be adding new stuff to the experimental branch this week.