DevLog 112: Steam Summer Sale Post-Mortem, New Feature Development & Summer Mode


Looking at the trello board looks like remote stands might be with us by Friday.

Also getting jetway added as modual feature for medium stands


How Fredrik envisions a high speed exit:


@Jettuh it is for STOL planes maybe :joy:


When the implementation is done, will we be able to manipulate the distance between the runway and the holding point? Nightmare would be “collisions” between landing aircrafts and aircrafts on the hold line. Or even worse wingtip collision between aircraft on runway with aircraft on taxiways. Also, could smaller aircrafts with a shorter takeoffrun line upp further down the runway than say a 737? :slight_smile:


ATC won’t allow next aircraft to land or takeoff before landing aircraft passes holding point. Also I think you can expand runway fast exit towards parallel taxiway.



Amazing devlog and excited.

However can we not get Catering, Cleaning and De-Icing… before the multifloor implemenation?


Looking forward to seeing the new features and bug fixes. I’m mostly AFK this week so no game time at all. :frowning:


It looks great and I’m looking forward to seeing the multi-floor implemented.

With the remote stands, could we now decouple the road from the stand? The double road looks odd.

Instead could we go with a connection point(s) for roads to the stand, similar to how taxi nodes are connected? Connection points could be at front of stand and at back(aircraft taxi side) and only one would need to be connected to satisfy the requirement.


With the remote stands, could we now decouple the road from the stand? The double road looks odd.

It was discussed before but because of new stands would break old save games it was not preferred.


We will see, it might be possible to do at a later stage and write some specials code (such as auto spawning roads) to preserve save integrity. A few times we have talked about the possibility to have roads connected to the front side (like in many US airports) but the first step would be just normal remote stands. :slight_smile:


If by that you mean smaller planes exiting the runway sooner than bigger planes, then that already happens in game. You just have to add more runway exits. :slight_smile:


He didn’t meant that. What he said was this:

If runway is long enough airplanes can line up on 2 or 3 entrances of runway.


Yes, I think that’s possible with the new system but @Fredrik will need to confirm. We’re going to implement characteristics of the entrances as well so that certain entry points are applicable only for certain aircraft size classes (as mentioned).

A quick note for when this gets deployed: It’s best to either use to old system (which is still supported) or the new system and not to mix different entrances as the systems do not operate the same.


no the other way around. Small Aircraft don’t need to use a whole 1000m runway for takeoff so if i build entrances with holding point ( the way the gam is set-up today) one at the end at 1000m and one right before the middle 600m then a 737 might need to taxi to the entrance at 1000m runway length while a twin otter can use the entrance a 600m and start the takeoff run from there.

It would prevent congestion and also give a meaning and usefulness (other than runway exit) to have more runway entrances :slight_smile:


When will it be ready?


When will what be ready?






Awesome stuff, looking forward to see the new remote stands and other things!