DevLog 114: Remote Stands, Improved Aircraft Paths with New Taxiway Modules & Person Animation Performance


Hello airport CEOs!

We’re back from our short vacation with a new and long devlog post. Check it out here:

Now it’s time to hit the bed for an exciting Gamescom day tomorrow! :airplane:


Phew, was hoping it dropped before I had to sign off. Hope you had a great day a GC.

WOW. Great update. One very special person has a great future ahead of them.


Great work!


Remote stands :heart_eyes:


Have fun at Gamescom!

Nice to hear you’re hiring someone , new perspective and less stress for you guys.


I like the sound of this. Very exciting. I know it’s all theoretical but opening avenues to increased performance should always be traversed.

Laggy Airport Above Normal Speed

Don’t hire a Sweed… :rofl: Then they don’t get that summer break :yum:

Joking aside, hire the best possible candida. Sweed or not. PDR would be a good fit?


Yaaay! This was a great read, guys! Good job on making the decision to hire a new guy/gal/person/helicopter, that will surely help a lot. Hopefully, the flights went okay :smile: Have fun in Cologne! :airplane:


What a beautiful devlog. Thank you for that :blush:


Thanks for the great Devlog! Even though you have been on holiday, it sounds like you have done piles of work on the remote stands, taxiways, graphics, multi floors, etc! Sometimes I wonder where you guys find the time, respect! Hopefully a new person will help to give you guys some rest as well, because as you know with top athletes resting is one of the most important ‘exercises’. :wink: Looking forward to play with all the new features :heart_eyes:

Hope you enjoy and have a great time in Cologne.


I wouldn’t be a good fit. Beside the fact that i haven’t touched a computer at home in a month or so, I don’t think i would quit my current job :slight_smile: But thank you for that thought :smiley:



Just a kind request. Please make remote stands available in the early game, as this is probably the cheapest way to develop the airport. Having this available in expensive procurement option can be awkward.

(of course it strongly depends on how you develop it - bus stands + bus + crew in real life would be much cheaper than the terminal space with jetways, but this is a side note).

Thanks. :wink:


Good point; LCC’s use remote stands to save cash, not splash it!

But wonderful devlog, I’m excited for the future of ACEO! Particularly enthused with your work with TSS… how is the musical soundtrack coming along?

EDIT: @Olof @Fredrik will the buses have infinite capacity or will it be possible for the bus to make multiple trips? For example, Wikipedia states the capacity of the Cobus 3000 as

“up to 132 passengers without bags, 108 with bags”

Cobus Industries Wiki Page


AFAIK there was never something mentioned about any procurement needed for remote stands, since it’s just a medium stand without a jetway it wouldn’t make sense that you have to ‘research’ it. Busses, stair trucks and service vehicles will ofcourse have to be bought but I don’t think they’ll cost more than a fuel truck.


That would be my understanding - wrote just in case. :wink:


Awesome… hope no more delayed flights anymore :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


How about you call the one way entrance ‘one way’, and the exit 'no way.


So, when those things were deployed on experimental branch, have seen on trello that’s all his ready so can we believe to an update when you come back at home ?


Is it possible to provide 2 stair trucks for one aircarft and thus to accelerate the boarding time?

Bsw. great job :wink:


YES! Great DevLog guys! Enjoy Gamescon.