DevLog 114: Remote Stands, Improved Aircraft Paths with New Taxiway Modules & Person Animation Performance


I guess they want to fix the bugs found through internal testing first.

If you look at the blue walkway on the remote stands it will eventually be possible I supose, it leads to both the front and back of the aircraft. But from what I’ve seen it’s not possible (yet) :slight_smile:


I cant wait till the update hits. I love to read those devlogs. In my opinion i should just call it runway entrance/exit.


I reckon we would either call it it ‘In/Out-lanes/-taxiways’, ‘Entrance/Exit’ or ‘Entry/Exit-lanes’, but ‘On/Off/Two-way-ramps’ is also possible. Eh, it depends on whether it’s just the text explaining what it is, or whether it’s visible as text on the sprite. Meh, I’d go for Runway On/Off-ramps, since it’s most explanatory and adaptable to the situation, I guess? Plus, it sounds cool, don’t you think? :sunglasses:


I’m not a big fan of those bright blue walkways on the remote stands. They don’t seem very realistic; normally with remote stands we just walk over the tarmac to reach the bus. And it doesn’t look like the bus aligns to the blue walkways very well anyways :slight_smile:

Other than that everything seems pretty cool!


I have just a question @Olof @Fredrik, I am preparing the most realistic and detailed airport that I never do ( for exemple 3480M runway and taxiways take afternoon time to make ), so I am preparing all for the next update and I just want to now what is exactly the dimensions of a remote stand.Are they the same than a medium ?


According to gif they posted I can say they are on same dimentions with jetway stands. Btw the total playabbe game area is 1500 meters X 1500 meters. How you will place a 3 km runway?


I modify the map
I want to do a very realistic airport, and 1350m runway is not for an international airport


For @EG0611


How soon will we be able to get our hand on this update really looking forward to remote stands it’s gonna make my airport even better.


Over on Discord @Fredrik said maybe Wednesday, but no promises. That was last Friday on QFTDs.

Laggy Airport Above Normal Speed

I don’t know if they’re implemented yet, but how do the runway entrance/exit points react to a runway change? Would it be possible to define taxi directions based on which runway is in use?


i guess the waiting continues…


Not yet given up hope. :crossed_fingers:


Probably about 1 to 2 o’clock CEST like they published the last devlog? :thinking:


We’re still looking at a deployment as of this week so don’t worry, just not necessarily today. I can guarantee that we will deploy to the experimental branch before this week is over but we’re still running various tests to ensure that it is at least somewhat working correctly before hitting the experimental branch. Next week will follow with a lot of frequent updates to mitigate the bug report flow, together with a devlog detailing a lot of new content coming in the updates ahead.


Alpha 28.1-4 will be released to the experimental branch tomorrow (most likely late evening)! We’ll create a separate topic for it when it goes live detailing the new features (but do keep in mind that it is in fact experimental).




Great to hear!


Thats a great news. Keep up the good work guys :wink:


Fantastic. Looking forward to experimenting with it this weekend.