DevLog 114: Remote Stands, Improved Aircraft Paths with New Taxiway Modules & Person Animation Performance


Rev the hype engine boys, it is going to be an amazing ride :sunglasses:




sooooooooooo exited :star_struck::star_struck::slightly_smiling_face:


About 5 hours, then it’s finally time for the Update!
Im so excited :sweat_smile:


i hope its comes out tonight because i am looking forward to play new features


The experimental update will come within a few hours! :slight_smile:


It’s been a while! Nice to see a Refreshment!

Yes I am still around, just been early access of other games lately! Been playing Spore-Sims lately LOL!


1 Hour to go…


Its updating right now, picture included.


Can we expect a devblog tonight?


I think tomorrow at nighttime :face_with_monocle:


Yeah they tweeted about one tonight


In an hour or so! :slight_smile: