DevLog 118: Development of Alpha 29 & Everything else we’re doing


My fellow airport CEOs… it’s time for a historic moment. The first ever devlog not to be published in the middle of the night! :sun_behind_small_cloud: :open_mouth:

Now it’s time for a late lunch and then back to the code. Enjoy!


Haha! I was hoping for it so I decided to visit the forum in the middle of the day. 3 minutes after you post! TIMING <3


Quick question, Do you guys have any problem to see the Trello board? Because i do, it doesn’t let me see the trello


What’s not working? How does it look for you?


It says “board not found, seems like it has been deleted” but even if i click on it then it doesn’t work anyway


Strange, I’m not logged in and can view the board fine. Is anyone else having issues?


Wow. That’s a lot of core development work you have both been doing. No wonder its taken some time. Looking forward to seeing this. :grinning:


Allowing GPU more work will have drastic effect. Most of the modern gaming PCs have high performance GPU while average CPU.

I can’t wait to see how it will be :smiley:


is the link you use different from this one?


Does the new environment system mean mean the texture will be location based. For example the texture for a desert would be sand.


It’s built with that in mind, as we’re also preparing for desert and more warmer biomes. However as of now we do not have any biome database with coordinates or so but the end goal is certainly to render a terrain that is somewhat expected depending on where you place your airport.


It goes to this one


The features link works:

The development pipeline link ends in an error page:


Isn’t the link i gave you a valid one for the one you say isn’t working? I’m getting confused.


Your link works, looks like the URL has been changed:

Old (wrong?) URL: https://…/airport-ceo-development-pipeline
New(?) URL: https://…/airport-ceo-development

-pipeline has been cut off on the working URL

So both URL’s work now again.


alpha 29 incomming maybe friday … XD


Only for the non-public internal branch, not the experimental, the experimental we do not have a date for as of yet!

Airport CEO Alpha 28.6 Released