DevLog 118: i give up on this


Oh, so nothing new again. Just more of what you plan to do which may or may not eventuate for 12 months. Then you will blame having to move office again or yet another vital trip to a game conference where you fail to deliver.
They are taking you for a ride people, get SimAirport. At ACEO’s development pace SimAirport is years ahead atm.
It had potential, but potential is nothing without hard work. Back to your day jobs within 2 years.

Come on devs i had hope since 2016 but i think iv’e lost it.


I honestly don’t get your point… I bought the game on January this year and see tremendous progress. You obviously never programmed anything. Especially the perfomance update on a so far progressed game is an enormous and very difficult thing… I wouldn’t do that…

SimAirport was released 6 months before Airport CEO and I think this is the gap between implementation of these two games. Even if you put in that both games focus on different things.

The funniest thing for me is, that you had hope since 2016 and the game was released sep. 2017…

So to sum up: Go jamble someone else nerves…


What is the point of this post? You are not giving any feedback and quite frankly are just being a hateful person. The developers are working very hard. It is apparent you have not looked into what is going on in the development blog you put in the title or you would understand they are doing work.


Download any trial version of any 2d game engine (game maker, defold, etc.). See how long it takes you to do the very first coding tutorial out of the box, and then look at how stupid simple the result is. Now you have a cursory understanding of what it takes to do a very simple task. I won’t ask you to keep coding, though you should because its fun. But grasp that coding difficultly is related exponentially to the complexity of the problem. The program you downloaded is also probably using an easy mode language compared to C#, trading off some power and efficiency for a lower barrier to entry.

I have reservations about how this game has been developed and where its going. A lot of hopes and optimism too. Before I complain about that though I will have taken the time to write out my specific concerns with justifications and potential paths forward.


Yea the game released in 2017 but iv’e been with the devs since 2016 and airport ceo was ahead of sim airport for a while in my opinion. and yes i have programmed id like to see the code you’ve done.


i have been keeping track of game since 2016 its just that the updates are so slow (and the blogs) i forget about the game.


You do realize that ACEO is just 2 Developers and 1 artist, right? I wanna say SA has a team triple the size. Plus they are developing quantity over quality, whereas ACEO is taking care of quality right out of the gate. .