DevLog 119: Preparing for the experimental release of Alpha 29!


Aaaand here’s this week’s update! Check it out:


Can’t wait to see it! It’ll all look very nice.


What a great devlog. Ohhh MD11 is coming? :smiley: But I assume there will be 4th stand size as “Jumbo” for 777, 747, A380, A340 and A330 right? Because these 5 aircrafts are way larger than MD11.

Also I hope we will see more small airplanes like the ones on this list, because ACEO is the only game that focuses on small airplanes and I prefer it to be extended;


I don’t build planes :wink:

The airplane is just used to help me build the jetbridges for the large stand :wink:
Also the MD11 used in that picture is not correctly scaled :slight_smile:


As I said on Discord, if the devs can cram a 757 into a medium stand, they should be able to put a 777(-200, maybe -300 as well?) into a 20 by 20 large stand.


We never said never to MD-11, but it is not in the pipeline right now. As Jettuh said it was used for reference. :slight_smile:


Really looking forward to it! This update is going to be great!


So sad that no airline uses this great aircraft anymore, way to fuel inefficient. Used to love see them over Schiphol when I lived close to it.


haha how can you tell the scale is incorrect if you dont do them :relieved: haha. :wink:


The scale of the plane is correct, tho not in comparison to the jetbridge i made :wink:
I scaled the plane up to mimick a bigger airplane to see how that would look with the bridge


@Jettuh you should teach me one day about creating planes for Airport CEO.
I really like to make Concorde :slight_smile: But I have more experience with 3d modelling than 2d :frowning:
So can you make some small tutorial for us hobbyist guys that are eager to create some nice planes to this great game :slight_smile:

Btw looking forward for this new patch. Looks great :slight_smile:


Jettuh does not make the aircraft. Someone else does it that we do not know yet.