DevLog 52: 2017 Brings a New Perspective


Well then, let’s hear it, which aircrafts do you think should be in the poll? :open_mouth:


I think it’s about time we get a widebody in the game, might be useful for testing the larger gates and runways and other assets too. I’d love to see the 777 or the 787, or even the 767 but since we have the 736 in the game already, might be time to go across the atlantic and get some Airbus in the game. 330 or 340 perhaps?


I would like to see the 789 or A359, and also some small Q400/Q300


Also some GA aircraft? Piper Tomahawk or Archer? Cessna 172?


We totally need the B747-400 Domestic not any other model. The Domestic. Brings more passenger than the average B747-400


I like to see A380 or a lot of jumbo plane that my opinion is


For those unaware of the current aircraft that have already been implemented, here is a list of all of them [(and a .gif)] (POLL [CLOSED]: What will be the next aircraft type in Airport CEO?) of the first four.

Here is a list made by @alpha of dozens of aircraft models that could be in the poll. Of course, there will only be three that will be nominated.

My list of airplanes that I would like to see added in game (in order):

  1. A very light jet (VLJ) such as the Embraer Phenom 100 (4 PAX)
  2. A wide body jet such as the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner (242 PAX)
  3. A wide body jet such as the Airbus A380 (525-853 PAX)


I’d prefer the 787-9 as i prefer the look, the 788 looks to short. but that’s just my $0.02 :joy:


When is the game releasing??? … Waiting for it.

I would like 787 and A380 to come up… @Fredrik atleast include one of the above two…Because I can see that they r popular choice among future CEOs


787-8 would be great


Sometime in Q1 this year!


So al ready in the game …

Cessna 208B
DHC-6 Twin Otter
ATR 72
Bombardier CRJ700
Boeing 737-600

So i sugest : A321 / A 330 or B767 / B777


I know JAS 39 Gripen. Wait maybe it should be a passenger plane. . . An Airbus would be nice. :slight_smile:


Beautiful update.

787 or A350 would sound ideal. Maybe Fokker 100, Airbus A320 and Boeing 727 would be ideal too.

Good stuff for 2017. Keep it up!


Great suggestions everyone! However, we don’t want to bring in the big wide jets just yet, as we don’t have the game mechanics around handling such big aircraft completely implemented. I know that everybody is excited for the big guys to arrive and trust us, they will come when the game is ready to handle them. :slight_smile:


Q400? Would be nice?


About the desk randomization: Might i suggest that objects not only get a random rotation, but also have a ‘show chance’. Like the magazine i.e., if it would only show 30% of the time, it would further add differentiation.


Just above the picture… :wink:

While there is more we can do here, such as perhaps not all desks having the magazine and so forth, it does remove that total copy paste feeling.

Needs a bit more work though with being able to individually decide if objects can disappear , as randomizing it is too dangerous. Wouldn’t make much sense if a desk for example lacks both a screen and a chair. Very easy fix though, and also to make it so that it changes over time as well after it’s been placed. Will have a look at it later!


Alright then, I think that some very light jets such as the Cessna Citation Mustang or the Embraer Phenom 100 should be the next to be created.

Or we could have a cool looking propeller plane such as the Diamond DA62!

I can’t wait to follow the development of the new airplane, whichever plane it is!:+1:


Well, Bombardier is starting their competition with Boeing and Airbus with the C-Series, so I’d love to see not only the A318-A321, but I’d love to see the CS100 and CS300 too!!