DevLog 79: Steam Direct Update and A New Flight Planner


Good thinking :smiley:


I wonder what kind of surprise will be in DevBlog 80… :wink:


I Hope the financial system is optimized, because +7k per hour (ea trailer) seems to be very easy - or did you choose the very easy way?


They probably used “cheats” so they could test everything without the constraints of a poor performing airport. I’m sure when we play, it will be a lot harder to make 7k/hour as we will start out with very little


From the video they do show the very easy setting which shows you starting with like a billion dollars and then easy contracts and spend happy passengers!


We are continously improving this. It is a very delicate balance between how much things cost and how much you earn from business. This is something we will need your feedback on after release.


It’s a nice number to release the game haha :wink:


So, there is nothing dependent on Steam process, right? It’s pointless to mention Steam process over and over in devlogs. Why not say you need more time tuning, be frank to yourselves and your fans.


I’m sorry you feel the developers are not frank, although i wonder what you base it on :slight_smile:

If you read through the steam requirements you will see that the developers are doing what is said there.
They said a release in August, so until we hear otherwise i assume it will be released somewhere i n the next 20 days


I agree, I think they’ve always been upfront with us about the release process. For one, by steams own rules they can’t actually release until tomorrow at the very earliest. And secondly, they’ve always said that they will release it when they’re satisfied with testing and hence haven’t provided a release date.


It would be nice if it was released tomorrow (on the 12th). However, even though it would be great for the fans, I think Olof and Fredrik are doing us all a favour by testing the game so much.

Thus, it is most likely beneficial to is not announcing a release date - the game will be better, and less buggy.


Yesterday evening, the build was approved! :smiley: This was the final step of the release process and from now on we can basically press the release button at any time. You should try releasing your own game and you will see that the process is actually quite long and involve many steps from initial registration, company verification, IRS tax-review, signing of NDAs, Steam store page review, price approval and build review.


So then when will we release? Well, we will spend this entire weekend testing and fixing bugs. The bugs that we find are less and less critical. So our hope is that most critical bugs have been cleared and if we feel confident we will announce the release date on Monday. Not promising an annoincement but we are still on for August at least.


So no release today…:sob:
And on my birthday as well…no ACEO…:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Happy birthday:)


Happy birthday :slight_smile:


will we get a proper Monday devblog or will it be a Tuesday devblog…


Can’t wait! And remember; it’s early access so no one is expecting perfection on initial release.:slight_smile:


Good to hear it’s approved! Let’s get this thing started :grin:


They do monday devblogs? :stuck_out_tongue:


Image this: Its Monday, release date is announced and its 31st August…