DevLog 79: Steam Direct Update and A New Flight Planner


For some countries; it is late Monday devlog but for some countries; it is early Tuesday devlog.

You know… Earth is round not flat :stuck_out_tongue:


happy birthday :stuck_out_tongue: :tada:


For me its tuesday, im already sleeping at 2 am


That is great news, congrats on the steam approval. :smiley:


Ugh hopefully it’ll be earlier. I keep hoping they’ll announce today that it’ll be available in a few hours or at least Monday or Tuesday.


Great to see all this progress, the Steam steps have been overcome,now the hardest part is going to start. Maintaining the right speed of development to get from Alfa to Beta and then to full release. You guys have been really fair about everything since I started following you and I think you guys really proved to be a trustworthy development team. I have all hopes that this game be amazing.

Now pls, take my money! :star_struck:


Same here. And since they are in our timezone… :


Well, at least I go on days off on Monday so I am kinda excited though would still have been thrilled to have the game today.


Shouldn’t this reply deserve a seperate thread?? It’s a big announcement!!.. We have been desperate for this. I could have skipped this thread… Accidentally


The forum is getting too big to keep reading every thread… it’s the first time I have more than 20 unread.


Its a test of your commitment…


A release date on monday? Heck all the lights are green now :slight_smile: Hit that “release” button!


So we’re really just waiting now for the devs to get the current version up to spec, and up on the Steam page. So looking at days really? :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Steam really has gone from one extreme to the other. Only a few years ago they seemed to be churning out random bits of barely functioning code, calling them “games” and selling it for real money (for those not familiar with this, have a look at “Air Control: Do you know what does it mean?” and “Yohjo Simulator” to start). Now the process seems to be relentlessly complicated and unnecessarily slow and obstructive :frowning: Oh well, you’ve rode it out.


Yeah, I agree. I think they’ll put it in a thread titled “DevLog 80: Release Date” or similar. Though I think it’ll take them about 2 days to compile it :wink:


A month to release a game on a brand new platform is hardly “un-necessarily slow and obstructive” in my opinion… And throughout time it’ll be optimised and they can work out what sort of concessions should be made. With any system you should expect it to be a bit slow to start off, and they’ve only just started using it.


I just hope it will be within a week - I’m away for a week in London starting next Saturday, with no access to devices that I can play ACEO on.

And what’s more, I will have a tablet with me so I will be able to see all of your builds!



Ooooooooor… you can release it on Monday :wink:


Fantastic news! What about changing things up and having an early devblog? :wink:


Maybe a devlog with all the things that are already included :heart_eyes:


While the game build is approved by Steam, we still haven’t approved it ourselves. We will need additional time for testing and so we sadly won’t announce anything until we approve it ourselves! :slight_smile: