DevLog 79: Steam Direct Update and A New Flight Planner


Thank you for not being like a lot of devs and letting us give you are money even if you aren’t satisfied with it. This may be one of the most successful Early Access games to hit steam. It’ll only get better from EA release to Full Release. Can’t wait to play!


Wooooohoooooooooo! Congrats Fredrik and Olof. What an amazing accomplishment to this point so far! I can’t wait to play!!! You guys should really be proud of yourselves :slight_smile: I cant speak for everyone but if I could I would say, lets open champagne for this milestone…coke/pepsi for the young adults :slight_smile:


I’d rather play with bugs than not at all. How bad can it be? :wink:


I’m happy to play with bugs, and help the devs find them. But gamers can be notoriously demanding and whinge about tiny bugs, so I can completely understand why the devs want to polish it as much as they can. After all, it’s their reputation on the line.


I agree with you. I have played some games in early access that were buggy and hard to play and I never went back to them for over a year. Seeing devs dedicated to getting the best product out there while still in early access shows we are gonna get an awesome game that will only get better while they continued development.


Looking forward to it! My real life Work slow down allot I need some new games to Play with. :sunglasses: :heart_eyes:



You and I might, but you underestimate the power of bad word of mouth – if they go in for the release today, and it’s a buggy mess, then it’s gonna get a negative reputation, and people will describe it to their friends like ‘it’s a slow terrible thing on the internet that I could only play for a minute’, word will spread and nobody would play. Fixing the bugs fixes these problems, and a positive release with a small number of bugs is to be expected of an early access title, and it could get a good reputation for careful considered bug-free development or something.


In other words…look at SimAirport. They are still working hard getting rid of that initial release rep


It’s waaaaay best to wait and get a good game that is the least buggy that it can possibly be for an Alpha, because if it’s not so it’ll get a very big negative hit from users, so big that it may prove impossible to recover from.


Especially on Steam. A bad release can kill a game. i.e Rollercoaster Tycoon World, No Mans Sky. SimAirport devs have actually been busting butt to get up to par but it’ll never match ACEO.


Congratulation guys! A 2 year dream coming in to reality is something unique! Focus on the bug squashing but don’t forget to celebrate!!

Of course we wanted the game today, but it’s very mature of you guys to be so preoccupied! I mean, what if there is a game crashing bug… Of course you don’t wanna through those 2 years away. That being sad, I think the community has proven loyal many times, so everything you throw at us will be accepted and criticized as it should be.

Keep up the amazing work!


Yeah. 5 months later and that game still frustrates me to no end. I’ve given up on it and I put a large amount of time in it too. And yet, there are people who are die-hard fans. I don’t know how they can settle for all those bugs.


Agreed. I can’t play for long periods. it gets frustrating fast


For me it has to be that my computer cannot handle more than 3000 pax without lagging in 4x speed. The bugs are not so frustrating now. Pathfinding is messed up though


Don’t expect ACEO to be better performance wise than SimAirport. ACEO must be having far more memory consumption than SA. Due to more quality features.


@NastyGamer who knows maybe ACEO will get more performance than SA. Time will show it.


Well, I play in my laptop because I didn’t have the space or money to build a gaming desktop pc. Now I have the space, I’m trying to get the money. ACEO is one of the games I want to try first in said pc. However, there’s a process after a game releases in which there’s almost always performance optimization, so I’m not that worried about this issue. Also, I’m not planning to build a massive airport yet.


Yeah pathfinding is horrible but so is aircraft pushbacks and runway decisions. Ugh, its so frustrating.

The ATC operators in that game need to be fired. You don’t pushback on top of another aircraft…


well im just excited and can’t wait (also I want to be the hundredth post on the channel)