Does gamespeed affect entropy?


Hi all,
a short question: is it possibile that increased gamespeed generates more entropy? Delays, passengers late, etc.
When I run at normal speed everything goes smoothly, when I speed up delays start to happen


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Over time, several people on forums suggested this, but it has never gone very concrete.


Yeah, I’m one of them who has the same impression as lawrencetb.

Once I talked to Olof (I think it was him).

My assumption was that some cpu cycles could get lost on higher speeds causing bugs. Olof answered, that this shouldn’t be possible by design and it’s more likely that this is a wrong impression, caused by faster speed means bugs may happen faster too.

Still I’m not convinced yet and keep my (and lawrencetb’s) impression. At least there seems to be something out of sync. That’s why I’m playing on slow pace most of the time.

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I have similar experiences


Another explanation could be that with increased speed we pay less attention to details and things can go wrong faster.
Let’s wait for the developers :slight_smile:

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I’ve thought about this too and noticed similar patterns as well. I tend to limit myself to middle speed if I wasn’t to progress things faster and only tend to run top speeds for short bursts.

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Well… When you speed up the game, pathway calculation is still done at the same ‘fastest’ speed right? I mean, pathway calculation is just done and not related to the in-game speed. So the time that it takes to calculate a path between point A & point B on normal speed and fast speed is equal. Could this then cause passengers to start moving some fractions of a second later when the game is at fast speed and you have a lot of passengers (= a lot of calculations?) Not sure however if this would make a significant difference however, just a thought. Also not sure if this is the way it works within the game.


After more and more hours of gameplay I am even more sure that there is something that needs to be figured out.
@JeremyK idk but that might have sense, another possibility is that everything at (let’s say max speed) is 3x up, also “problems generation” if there is something like that inside the core engine

For me it is clear, I have made several tests:

  • running at normal speed: no problems occur nearly ever, given a single day you can see no more than 3 “reds” into the process monitor
  • running at 3x speed: process monitor becomes getting red and keeps getting worse if you continue to run at that speed

I’ve compared similar timeframes, with normal speed I could basically leave the game alone in autopilot mode and have no delays, at 3x speed it is a crazy run to manage all the flights and spot problems