Don't want to buy on steam

I didn’t know which category suits what I’m about to ask, so I posted here.

I’ve been following the game since before it was released, and although it still has bugs from what I gather, it finally reached a point where I feel I should buy the game, not only because of quality improvement, but to support the developers to improve it further.

So, since Valve takes 30% of whatever the developers make on Steam, and I personally think the rate is too high and unfair, I’d really like to buy the game, but in a way that gives more money to the developers. Does the game sell elsewhere with a larger cut to the developers?


as devs stated a while ago, there are no plans to distribute the game anywhere else, then over steam until it is finished.

As steam early access helps them to handle alpha- and beta-phase efficiently and they don’t have the manpower to double these processes on another platform, they will stay with steam only.

When game exits early access stage and is finished, it is imho very likely, they spread out distribution…

And, IMHO, for early access games steam delivers lots of possibilities for small indie devs, so their cut is reasonable (even if I don’t have any idea how big it is for early access games…).

And for the devs, a purchase is a purchase, if you want to support them, do not buy it during sale… :wink:


That was very informative. Thanks :slight_smile: