Drawable Runway or Larger Runway

Feature request title: Drawable Runway

When the “Bigger Map” option was implemented, the “Large Runway” looked small if not smaller, and It kind of bothered me considering the large runway isn’t large enough. A certain game have this feature which may I add that Airport CEO is a far more superior game…anyways, that was the only feature I like with that certain game, so I really wish it would be implemented here, or maybe make an Extra Large runway? either way I’ll be so happy

Why it should be implemented:

Only Imagining this be implementing makes me so giddy, and I think it should be implemented to add a little bit more realism to the game, I think it will make airport makes a little bit more beautiful.

The negative effect: Planes will block the runways longer and reduce the capacity if they roll until the end. Also they won’t use the entire runway as they still need to be able to work with small map sizes. :slight_smile:

In SA you may able to draw the length but the planes also use only the length they need.
In ACEO you can manually extend the runway by building asphalt or concrete foundation and play with stickers.