[Duplicated] Satellite Transit System

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Satellite Transit System


Train system for moving passengers between areas of the airport such as those used at multiple airports around the world. The one I’m most familiar with is located at SeaTac in Seattle, WA which uses two separate tracks / trains to move secure passengers between the main terminals, and the two satellite terminals. This could be built above or below ground, but I would imagine it would be easiest to implement below ground. Further options on this idea: different models of trains (varying speeds based upon model, with faster trains costing more), Various sizes of train cars, ability to choose how many cars to add (ability to expand number of passengers moved per hour), fully automated trains versus unautomated (cheaper, but require staff to run), ability to adjust train schedule.

Why it should be implemented:

As our airports get bigger and more complex, passengers are walking halfway across the map just to get to another terminal. Could eliminate the current need to have connections between terminals (or have both), but ideally make passengers getting from point A to point B quicker and more efficient. No offense, but I don’t love the current remote stands setup, and this would be a way to build completely remote terminals, like an international terminal w/ customs, etc.

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I think that would be a great idea considering we know can build underground.

Also a skytrain would be nice too

Making this great idea happen should be similar to a moving walkway I guess? Really hope that we can use them!

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i agree i like transit to move people around also have underground trains as well
or a simple bus system

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