Dynamic car parks


somthing more realistic would be car parks that are dynamic with passengers who would return on a later flight. This would also need a shuttle bus to the terminal.


While car parking is definitely possible, passengers “disappear” when they get on a flight.
So it’s more likely that it will work like:

Day 1.
Passenger A parks his car, gets on a flight

Day X (1? 2? 3?).
Passenger B arrives at the airport, takes the car of passenger A.

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I agree, i dont think it matters whether the same passenger leaves and returns to the car in the car park, the key for me would be the car is traffic on the map and is parked remotely from the stand, then some kind of transport brings the passenger to the terminal. This then happens in reverse when a passenger is designated ‘car’ as their mode of transport to leave the airport


good, I agree.


I’d argue that this can be avoided by generating a “return flight” for passenger A, so that he will spawn on a future inbound flight.

Generating future flights for passengers would probably need to be done for connections, anyway…

(holy shit, way to necro a dead thread)