Early look at ACEO

Check out KOS’S live video on ACEO if you want an early look at the game!!!


Hm, interesting that she’s streaming it! I love her Factorio vids, maybe I may need to pay more attention to her channel!

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Streaming is excellent to watch. Some learning curve by the looks of it.

Was I the only one extremely frustrated?

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So a few prominent Youtubers got an early look at the game?

A few youtubers got a key so they can get some content out and inform potential buyers about the state of the game yes

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Hmm, I wonder if you can built airports without tower and/or ATC.

Not going to bother watching it, though. Gotta keep things interesting for me :slight_smile:

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Well…you can build em… You just wont get much traffic :smiley:

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That’s why I asked if one could survive off GA alone.

I’d like to try and see if building such a small, remote airport in a mountainous region could work.

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Keralis is also already taking a look at it :smiley:

Hmmm I see Mr. @pderuiter everywhere…

Wait, is that Discord?

yes it is

as i can see, we’llhave a lot of contract offers, from small to medium, that’s a pity, i thought we start step by step and that it won’t be easy to get good contracts like in simAirport :frowning:

I think it depends on the difficulty you select at the start of the game.

Told you :slight_smile:

If you start small with General Aviation and build your way up it will feel a lot better

And will be balanced more as we go through EA as well :slight_smile: I think there is much magic still to come in the contract system. The devs also I think have designed a game that will encourage you to start small, but just needs more time and balancing to make each step feel meaningful!


yes you did, i think it depends on the rating system, the airport isn’t finished, no runway and no taxiways, but you have still a lot of contract offers and your rating is 50%.

The reputation system is not fleshed out at all at this time. You are correct of course, that once that gets some love, the contracts and such will follow, making it into a more logical progression path :smiley:

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well, I think it’s okay for now. If rating starts at 0%, testing the game becomes tedious since you have will take a long time.

Welp, i cant watch them, because i got to go to school.