Eindhoven Airport EIN

Eindhoven Airport is the second largest airport in The Netherlands. The airport has 13 stands fitted for medium aircraft and a couple of smaller parking spaces for General Aviation or charter flights.

I tried to recreate the airport as accurate as possible, while still being playable and enjoyable to play in ACEO.

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Nice airport, mate!

Could you please send me a link to the Wizz Air mod that has A321 with the new livery? I can’t seem to find exactly the models I see in your pictures.

This is my first save game I’ve downloaded. I like your layout, it shows me that I seem to build much to large terminal buildings. :innocent:

Unfortunately that is a local mod and since I only created the A321, it cannot be turned into one “Wizz Air” mod with both the A320 and the A321

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Looks really good!

Mitchell, Eindhoven :wink:

Looks great! :grinning::netherlands: