Emergency Stuff


A few things I’ve noticed with emergencies.

  1. If you build a small airport and then start expanding by building a separate larger runway and stands, and even if they are all switched off, you can get emergencies of weight classes that you can’t handle. This really shouldn’t happen. You also start getting heavier flights offered in the flight planner, but they are easily ignored.

  2. I posted this on Steam already but I’ve noticed using triple time seems to result in a lot of emergencies at once. I frequently have 4 at the same time and it is a bit daft when you have pandemics, recessions, and oil crises all at the same time. Apart from being sensible with fuel storage and delivery levels during the oil cries, the other two can be totally ignored and probably need more severe penalties.

  3. The bad weather warning emergency should be removed. It is not an emergency. An aircraft in the air would simply divert. If it then became a low fuel situation that could be an emergency. Or if there was damage from bad weather that could be too. Using reserve fuel on diversion could make the situation urgent but that could be covered by pan-pan rather than a mayday for a genuine low-fuel situation.

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I agree with Andy84.