Employees can be assigned to a specific desk

Since vehicles can be assigned to specific stands/parking garages, it is more efficient for them to move around.

Due to my airports are usually very big and has only one terminal, moving staffs every where is a problem. I think of a solution by assigning specific employees to a specific desk&staff room, so they don’t have to travel for hours to work in their position.

For example, a ramp agent can be assigned to a check-in desk or an information desk & can be assign to a staff room near by. And the time consumed will decrease from hours to minutes.

I don’t if any of you also need this improvement/feature, but to me, it’s a great help.

Yeah, this feature would be very nice.
I think, it would be already enough if we could assign the staff to a dedicated staff room.

Another way might be, if we could assign how many people are allowed in a staff room.
With this, we could force a spread of the staff through the whole airport.