Employees complaining about security

So I have a number of airport employees who can’t seem to find their way around. They sit in one place and complain about security. All of my passengers and some other employees can find their way around just fine. This happens at the secure exit and by the subway/drop off area. Everything is zoned correctly and the security checkpoints are staffed and able to accept employees too. Security checkpoints are on level 1 and the secure exit is on -1 if that matters. Level 0 is a transition level.

  1. Check zoning again, especially on escalators and stairs.
  2. Make sure to have path access to staff rooms. After staff do their task, they want to sit and relax. If staff room is inaccessible, they give this error

Also a wide angled picture with zones enabled would be more useful to help you out.

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Like @EG0611 said: check zoning. What you’re particulary looking at is a gap in secure zoning. These ‘complaints’ from staff and pax isn’t that they can’t go through existing security checkpoints, rather that the secure zone they try to reach has no checkpoint. Seperate secure zones can exist if you give them their own security checkpoint and exit, but if this wasn’t meant you can connect the 2 zones. if it wasn’t intended you’re most propbably looking for a small area like a doorway wich lacks the secure zone.
If you cannot find it, you can post a screenshot here (with zoning showed) and we’ll help you find the gap.

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Floor 1:

Floor 0:

Floor -1:

Staff room and staff access escalator:

Security/Front area (on lvl 1):

Front area (on lvl 0):

Secure area exit:

Edit: Placed secure zones everywhere else in the airport past the security checkpoint even though all that is under construction. Doesn’t seem to have fixed it.

Placing a staff room outside of the secure zone fixes it.

In that pic of the staff room, is the room dragged all the way over the escalator?

No, the escalator was added for staff to get to the baggage bay below. There are alternate stairs to the lower floor though.

Difficult to say from the screens alone, I’d recommend filing a bug report and we’ll be able to check it out instead.

Sent in a report. If you didn’t see above, issue is fixed by placing a staff room outside the secure zone.

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Thanks, yeah, regardless of the fix it’s a strange behavior that I want to take a look at.

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