Enable Customized Percent When Repairs Occur


Currently the only option to specify when repairs to runways and stands occurs as it is fixed at 25%. This requested feature would permit the CEO to establish their own custom percentage when these repairs take place.

Why it should be implemented:

Without the ability to customize the percentage before automatic repairs are done the CEOs ratings are impacted by waiting until the default (only option) value of 25%. Permitting the CEO to customize this percentage would allow them to balance the cost impact of repairs with scoring.
Alternatively, the CEO must manage all their own repairs if they don’t want to wait until 25%.

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I would welcome this with gusto. :metal: :+1:

My airport has far too much budget and far too low a rating. This is a great suggestion!


Good idea.

The game generates an excess amount of money. It doesn’t matter at what percentage of infrastructure wear and tear automatic repairs are enabled. What’s the point of wasting developers’ time on such moments?

It improves the game experience for players playing it. Should be a good reason.

It doesn’t improve anything.

Not for you, correct. but maybe for others.

I once saw a review of a game on YouTube, where the player built a huge airport in a sandbox. Only this airport was spending money, not earning. There was a big minus on the current account. Even for these players, this slider with the percentage of repairs does not affect anything. The game gives you the opportunity to make money without extraordinary efforts. Why other innovations, for those who are not able to earn at least 1 cent in the game?

I like this idea!

@Shaquille Yes, for you and the Youtubers you watch it may not matter, but for me, who likes tweeting lots of things and always wants my airport to look the best, it does. For me honestly the vintage dlc was a complete waste of time as I don’t care nothing about aircraft, just gameplay. I agree it shouldn’t be the highest priority, but it would be a welcomed change for many of us. There are other people with other opinions and playstyles than you…
I would say more but that would be going to far

Nevertheless, the tutorial needs improvement (addressing last part of last post)

And where are the changes in the 50 million challenge? ))

And where are the changes in the most detailed airport challenge? ))