Engineered materials arrestor system

Engineered materials arrestor system for A36/Panic.

Stopping aircraft on a runway overrun incident.

Since the next round of updates is posed to give us accidents/emergency systems. Was wondering if this would be applied as a runway upgrade similar to the PAPI and approach lights.

Devs stated there won’t be overruns in Panic update in recent AMA.

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I need to start logging on at these AMAs more! Thank you. :slight_smile:

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I was hoping for this feature too, but they said “it’s kind of a big thing to close runways, we want CEOs to be able to deal with problems quickly”

I don’t know but in my opinion overruns can happen as it happens irl, runway can be closed because that happens irl too would add much more complexity and fun to game.
Truck pulls plane back to apron and then takes plane to hangar if it’s able to fly again and get maintained if not then we get new “scrap stand” where planes get demolished if plane is unable to get fixed and plane is disappearing and turning into few metal pieces texture

You don’t HAVE to close the runway I guess? Do the Hong Kong thing and dynamite the tail?

True, I do see how it’ll be a little complex, especially if the airport in question only has one runway.

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Yeah flight cancellations, but that’s what happens in real life!

Imagine ACEO’s engine trying to deal with that. Suddenly all flights cancelled and loads of passengers trying to get around the airport.