Escalator & Elevator Placement/Design Question

With the escalators and elevators, I have always surrounded them either by a wall or shrub (just wall in the case of elevators). However, I have always wondered if this is the intention of the designers? I get the impression it is with the elevators given the nature of its opening (BTW, can that be removed on the floors where the elevator doesn’t stop if chosen that option??), but with escalators I feel like I see a 50/50 of either option when looking at other CEO’s screenshots. I guess I ultimately want to know if the way they are currently designed has proper barriers assumed to be there (i.e. is there a bannister-like barrier at the top, open end of escalators prevent people falling through, or do we need to design for that?) Would be helpful and let me know if I am wasting space in my designs.

Here’s a screenshot of a build I am working on. One escalator has walls because I am nestling it within the exit of my customs, and another is “open” on its top level. Is one the “proper” way? Thanks!

Are you referring to removing the door on the level shown?

Also I would recommend to place this in support

No, maybe I should have been more clear, apologies. I want to know if there is a known “right” and “wrong” setup for an escalator layout? Should it be surrounded by a wall or a shrub on the top level to act as a barrier to prevent falls (even though we know the game won’t let that happen) like the horizontal one pictured, or is the escalator pictured that is going vertical “safe” with something already preventing someone walking from the top of the screen from falling through below? I know it is a trivial question, hence why I posted in off-topic.

It is up to you on how you place it as you are the CEO.

I don’t see anyone using my elevators, is there something I should know about them?