Estimated Retail Price


Hello fellow users!

I searched the forum for the question, but didn’t find anything.

Is there an estimated retail price for this game, I would like to save up for this game if it is 30€ upwards
so any answer would be very nice!

Have a great day!


It will be priced like a indie game. (It is a indie game)
look at the FAQ


It is just a gossip but it would be less than 20 $


My bet is about £15


A fair price, in my opinion, for the quality (I think) we’re getting is anywhere between 20-40 USD.


Okay thankyou guys/girls for your answers!
Hope you doing all good :slight_smile:


I suppose we won’t know for sure until its available on Steam. Cannot Wait :heart_eyes:

I wound say between £15 - £20, but that is just my guess :smiley:


The devs mention somewhere that the game is going to Cost less than or $20


Here is the link: Is it pay to play


I think that, to be honest, around £15 is a very reasonable price for this game. Compare it to sim airport, which costs 20 dollars, and is a much simpler game, airport CEO seems so much better value!:slight_smile:


I believe that this game is actually worth about 25 USD, but I am hoping the devs are nice enough to make it 15-20 bucks


There are many things we can discuss, but let the price not be one of those, since it is utterly pointless. :slight_smile:

If you search the forums you will see that price has been discussed before and i don’t see any value added to do it again :smiley: