Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX has crashed




now USA has banned it


Inevitable, really.

The sad truth is, that despite pilots concerns regarding the MCAS system, it was ignored, and yet again, we have many lives lost.

I was under the impression that one was supposed to learn, ‘and correct’, from tragic events?, but in this case, unfortunately, it seems not :frowning:


Yes it is sad but we just have to learn from mistakes so that it no longer happens.


I just saw this on an Dutch Aviation website: “For the B737-Max, an engine was available with an even bigger diameter. To ensure that the engine could not hit the ground, the engine was pushed slightly forward and tilted slightly up! But you can understand that the aircraft then naturally wants to raise its head somewhat upwards. It is called “a high nose position”. With a high nose position you will come closer to the notorious stall. The point at which the wings no longer bear, because they cut the air too steeply.”


You want to say the mistake in design of plane is in engines?


Yes, because it’s kinda true. Here’s a comparison:


Slightly true, as the 737 is lower to the ground, hence the ‘flat’ bottom engine type that it is famous for, and maybe when you ‘muck about’ with things, aka moving said engines, or enlarging what was already proven, then, of course, things get complicated. Could this be the cause?, who knows, maybe? Did it contribute?, possibly?

I’m sure there are other factors, like MCAS etc, lack of training, we could go on, but the bottom line is, that there is something very wrong with this aircraft, and/or attitude towards it, else we wouldn’t be in this position, and many lives would have been saved.

I really hope ‘all’ goes into this, for the sake of the people who died, and for the pilots and those who expressed concerns in the first place.

It’s a fantastic industry, and I’m sure they will get to the bottom of this, no matter what.


My girlfriends brother works as a pilot and flies the 737. According to him the 737-8MAX is a much more stable aircraft at low airspeeds than 737-800. He also said that it’s known that the MCAS system can in certain situations make the plane do unwanted maneuvers regarding altitud. But that it’s easy to override by the MCAS-Override switch and that the plane is much easier to recover at low airspeeds close to stall than the other other 737 models due to increased stability. He mostly blames maintenance and/or training standards… but i don’t know how true all of abow is, it’s just what he told me!

A schematic of the MCAS for those of u intrested.


Maybe stabilizer was broken and with a some design mistake of engine that was fatal?


Maybe pilots didn’t know about this feature

then its company mistake they dint learn the pilots to this feature.
We can think and think whats wrong with this crash and learn mistake but we can’t take back that lives.
And we can only do this ,we just have to learn from mistakes so that it no longer happens…