Events and emergencies


That’s a necessity, how do you expect to solve an event in pause mode… It should be in the easiest mode too.


Yes, thanks for that, i was forgot to dat that…:disappointed_relieved: the pause game and focus on the event was only An idea


Event Idea - If Airport Is On Water Or Next To, Boat Slams Onto Airport Property.


Event_14:EM: Broken water pipe, fix the pipe and clean the place.

Not very exiting


Is there a budget setting in the game? Because if there was a crash, it would impact your budget and make you lose money. I believe it says this in the game, and I think it would also involve some legal action and angry passengers.


I don’t think a plane crash would involve legal action, most of the time it is the aircrafts fault and not the airports. If the airport is at fault sure some legal action may be taken but otherwise why would there be legal action taken against your airport?


There should be natural disasters too like tsunami’s and tornadoes and sink holes and maybe even metors


I have to disagree. A natural disaster would basically be the same as destroying the whole airport. Maybe smaller sink holes could be implemented.


U r enroute to build massive airport and then get back to square 1 after disaster?? Not Cool At all.

We can have disasters but the affect should be temporary shutdown of airport and a ‘Repair’ Button should appear at one corner
The damages shouldn’t be visible. The building remains same.
Pressing the Repair Button should repair all faults and damages and cost money. This will bring a financial difficulty to the game instead of Construction difficulty.


Some good ideas here, would like to see then implemented.


I think maybe a gas explosion OR fire should be able to destroy something (walls etc.)


So more like: when the fire spreads, it coud case damage to the building


Some additional ideas:

event_x:fire, aircraft without hydraulics. High landing speed.
Option 1 - overshoot the runway. Emergency services have to be activated and runway must be closed.
Option 2 - aircraft comes to a stop. Emergency services have to activated in order to cool/ extinguish hot brakes/ gear fires.

As a result of the above:
event_x:recovery, aircraft must be towed off the runway area in order to re-open the runway.

event_x:fire, Bird strike after takeoff. Emergency services on stand-by.
Option 1 - Engine fire, emergency services must be activated to extinguish the fire
Option 2 - No fire. Emergency services will guide the aircraft to a stand.


Cool…Ur first event is unique. But I doubt developers will put options to it. And they are events related to ATC… I doubt if CEO (Who is just a manager) decides the decisions in these cases.


In real ops, the airport CEO is responsible to close/ re-open the operations of the airport. Naturally, as you said, the CEO is a manager and not an emergency expert, so he would need to rely on his consultants/ managers.

As for the aircraft recovery part, the CEO might decide on the following options:

A: Recovery of the aircraft by the airport ops itself. This would result in less cost but in higher damage to the aircraft (if no proper equipment is available).
B: Aircraft recovery will be performed by a specialized company. This would lead to higher cost but less damage to the aircraft.

I imagine this is way too complicated and wont be implemented any time soon but keeping ideas documented is not a bad thing :slight_smile:


It’s better now… And it’s not very complicated ( if compare to things our devs have done till now) and devs can implement it now also. But it will be better when the game reaches beta…Or atleast late alpha.

And the recovery (if not a big accident which in your case isn’t) is usually done by Airport authorities. And recovery will require new objects (Machines) in the game to be implemented.


Yeah, like that


As per regulations, the airline is responsible for the aircraft recovery. The airport however, has a very high interest on opening the runways again ASAP as they are losing money with every minute, therefore removing the aircraft themselfes with agreement with the airline (usually part of the airport emergency plan).

As for the game, you are totaly right - we have to have additional equipment implemented such as lifting and towing equipment. Nothing really fancy, but I fully agree with you that we should concentrate on the current state of the game!


Some really cool ideas here, i hope they do something with it!


I think that this would be a good thing however it could become an item that is to widley used. I understand this is a game but think about how often airports actually have emergencies. I would like the developers to think about this if it is implemented.