Families and groups


Ya. Sort of like have 1 path for the group as a whole, and then each individual’s path is kind of plotted within the group as a whole (if that makes sense).
So for example a bus shows up with 20 passengers all bound on the same flight. All need to get to check in desk. 2 queues, so you get 2 groups of 10, each group going to 1 queue. But within the group of 10, each person will have his own movements. Then 4 security checks, so 4 groups of 5. Then say 3 people want to shop, 6 want to eat, they each form sort of a group heading towards the required kiosk. Etcetera.

Not sure if this makes simulation easier or tougher, but just a thought.


I wouldnt like that. Not only because it would introduce new pathing at an arbitrary number of people, but also because the challenge is to keep even a big airport efficient for the individual :slight_smile:


Humans do the flocking behaviours though, there’s that video out there about the guy who designs airports based on passenger flows or something. I wouldn’t mind more generic paths for say different classes of passengers in large airports if it helped with performance issues.


Still say we should be solving the navier stokes equations for flow velocity when modelling the passengers as a fairly viscous but low density fluid. But I don’t think even the devs we hold in such high regard can achieve that.


Will we be able to see pilots and cabin crew walk through the airport?


Don’t think so Wille. Unless the developers added this as surprise, crew has not been implemented yet


Well, seeing how crew has similar pathfinding, when we see crew implemented, we’ll see family and groups implemented as well.


Groups would be a pretty outstanding addition to the game, not to mention the “Lost Child” event :wink:


Don’t know why know one hasn’t thought of this already :+1:


It was included in a few of the pathfinding discussions last year but never actually acknowledged as a thing

Flight crew swap/change

I wish I could put 100 votes on this one lol.