Faster development on large aircraft!


Airport CEO needs to work on more development on large aircraft. The idea has been sitting around for at least 6 weeks. This feature needs to be implemented into the game soon. I speak for the entire Airport CEO community when I say that this would be a fantastic addition to the game. Who is with me?!


Right now there’s only 3 coding developers, 1 aircraft artist, and 1 game artist. The large aircraft are in the works last I heard, I’d just be patient.

I promise they haven’t forgotten, they’ve just got a lot on their hands right now. One dev just had a baby, one is helping to streamline the code (and I think add small minor things) while the last continues to polish the overall game coding. They won’t forget! :smiley:


While I do agree that everyone would like to see the dev of large aircraft within the game, keep in mind what @Nace888 said, and also that the devs are currently working on the release of Multi-Floor terminals right now.


To be fair, I’d rather have multi-floor, catering and stuff like that than large aircraft.
Also, the devs mentioned before that they first want to roll out the turnaround services like catering and etc and after that the big airplanes.


@Rubble has made amazing progress on large airplanes!
Don’t worry, it will definitely happen.

However we also want to make sure we can implement multiple floors first.
This will allow us to provide a better overall gameplay experience, like jetbridges connecting to the second floor.

We have not forgotten about the big airplanes!
I’ll likely start working on the big pushback truck for such planes later this week :slight_smile:


I like! And it would be even better if these large trucks would be towbarless trucks with three axles :slight_smile:


I know almost everyone will disagree with me… but I don’t want large aircrafts at all right now.

I want more small/medium planes and that path finding and infrastructure solutions (flow management) comes to completion before large aircrafts.

I think this is what needs to be implemented before large aircrafts:

Catering/de iceing
One way doors/ escalators
dropof/pickup only Busstops (Airside and transfer busses)

This is to be able to manage the flow of the passengers in the airport.
If u have a fully unlocked map (might get even bigger in future) with buildings A-D like with buss stops A-D and checkin A-D and security A-D,
A -------------------------------B-----------------------------C---------------------------------D

You don’t want passengers to arrive at busstation D, sit and wait in building A, Check in at C and go to security B. same goes for arriving passengers. (I know we can manage this a bit with baggage points) but i still don’t think the game can handle so many passengers per flight yet.

EDIT: I know i can simply choose not to use them, i just think development should be focused on other things :slight_smile:


They are definitely coming as are more small and medium ones too @88ekke


Having a larger aircraft only means the sprite becomes bigger and the amount of passengers goes up. In terms of gameplay, it wouldn’t add that much depth. Catering, multi-floors and such would add new systems to play with.

So no, I’m not with you on faster development on large aircraft. I’d be happy to see them when they arrive but I’m not in a hurry at all.

Btw, if you go into your %appdata% folder and find the AirportCEO settings file, you can set the amount of passengers per flight to something over the 100% maximum that the in-game slider provides. (Please don’t fix this ‘bug’:smiley: )


Interesting thought - the demand for faster development. If you want bigger aircraft, mod them yourself, it makes the game quite fun and puts things into perspective.

This is my basic 747-8 - nothing like some of the amazing modders out there, but its tons of fun to play with and see how an airport should be adjusted for the potential ones (OOH, of they put the 777 x out - i wonder if the wings will also fold -that would be an amazing way to start large aircraft…hint hint nudge nugde wink wink…)

I cant wait for the real ones, but as others have said, adding additional services and floors would be way better, that way, when you release 700+ people off of your plane, they actually can go somewhere and you have all the runaround services that can cater for such.


Large aircrafts will eventually come. They are not an integral part of the game right now and should not. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be nice to have them, but I think the game first needs multiple floors for bigger terminals, multiple terminals, all the extra services… The only thing large aircrafts will give us is more pax, and that will impact performance… So yeah, k believe we just need patience!



All I can say is you’d better be prepared for the space they need.



While I would love to see large aircrafts at my airport, for me personally, there is no need to implement them in the near future.
The reason is simple and sad … I need a faster computer to handle the amount of passengers. :roll_eyes:
With 4 medium airplanes being serviced and 200 people arriving/departing the game is already lagging. It takes about 1 real-time second for 1 in-game minute on fast forward. So, I don’t see any chance handling the big ones. In my current situation turnaround services sound more interesting.
But I do understand your desire. It’s like my desire for a “large” computer.


(First post, yay)

I completely agree with this. They’re not necessary right now, although they would be nice. We just have to be patient with our devs! :smiley: