Feature discussion / staff

As this isn’t really a feature suggestion yet, I thought we could chat about it here.

Currently we hire all staff to our airports which isn’t how it works in real life.

If we go through it how customers go then:

Check-in: Staffed by the airline. Airport provides facilities and staff rooms
Security: Staffed by the airport
Shops: Staffed by the shops.
Lounges: Staffed by the service provider or airline, depending on the lounge.
Staff for boarding at gates: By the airline
Ground handling (ramp agents): By a ground handling service provider, Dnata, Swissport, Menzies, … Airline provides the “hardware”, baggage belts and staff rooms etc. Vehicles etc. are provided by the relevant service provider. Airport provides parking spots and access roads.

And arriving / departing border control: Government agency, airport provides the facilities.

So looking at this, airport provides staffing in only few occasions and rest of the people you meet at the airport aren’t working for the airport. Hence why in the game it would be a nice feature to include these principles and as a part of the negotiation with the relevant party be it Airline / Ground handler / border force, we as a CEO for the airport need to offer the facilities they demand.

So for example Airline says: Yes, we’ll fly from your airport if you provide us 20 slots per week and this, this and that staff facility. Our ground handler is XXXX who will need this this and that in order to service our flights.

Then airport says: Sure, we can do all that for you and your ground handler for a price of $$$.

Airline: Ok, accepted. or No, too much, we will need better price"

And that could go on for few rounds until the agreement is made.

What do you think?

Good ideas but be mindful in vast majority of airports the ground handler will provide almost all airline requirements including check in, dispatch, baggage, ramp services, ticketing, lounges and others I am sure I have missed out.

They will very often be provided airline uniforms but will be employed by a contractor. All about cost cutting and outsourcing the responsibility. They will throughout shift swap ties and lanyards :slight_smile:

I work for an airline which fully self handles in most UK and Spain bases but we are a rare exception. Even BA outsource to menzies/swisspott/dnata in London hubs but the staff appear to public as BA staff.

Totally support a concept of ground handler contracts though! That is a great suggestion for what we know in the game as Passenger Service Agents (boarding, check in and lounges) and Ramp Agents (baggage and general services on stands)

Hopefully ground handler contracts can be considered! With some sort of ratio and rating for how sufficiently a handler will meet staffing requirements, cheaper handler has less staff and vice versa.