Feature Voting Guidelines 📣


Democracy rules! Vote for your next favorite feature to get implemented. Voting is currently closed.

Airport CEO Feature Voting Guidelines :mega:

Since the launch of Airport CEO, we have always strived towards remaining as transparent and inclusive as possible when it comes to the overall development process. An important step in this collaborative effort is the ability for an airport CEO to in an interactive way to engage with, and affect the direction of, that development process and we’re now finally ready to let you onboard and decide what we implement next.

Voting Status :vertical_traffic_light:

Voting is currently :red_circle: closed!

How does it work? :thinking:

Any forum user can submit a feature request in this category (Feature Voting) and have it voted upon by other forum users. Each forum user has 10 votes to vote on other user’s feature requests, which is done by visiting a feature request thread and pressing “vote” (see below images).

A user can post a feature request at any time but the actual voting will occur in rounds. A voting round will last for two weeks and the feature requests that have the top three most votes are the ones we will consider to implement after that round.

The number of features we decide to implement in each round depends on the work load for a specific feature, i.e. if a certain feature will require a lot of work that feature will be the only one implemented in that round while if all top three features for a round are estimated not to require that much work, all three will get implemented.

Once a voting round is over and a feature request has been accepted for implementation, the associated thread will be pinned and a Jira issue link will be edited into the top of the post to reference the feature request in the development pipeline. Voting will at this point be disabled (paused) until the next voting round.

The features that do not make it to the top three for a round will retain their votes. Once a requested feature has been implemented, the associated topic will be closed and the votes will be returned to the user.

In short:

  • Voting occurs in rounds and one round lasts for two weeks

  • Anyone can submit a feature request and have it voted on by others

  • Each forum user has 10 votes each to vote with each round

  • The top three voted feature requests will be considered for implementation after each voting round

  • The number of top feature requests we implement after a round depends on their respective workload, it can be either just one or all three

  • When a voting round is over and a feature request is accepted for implementation, it will be pinned and a Jira issue link will be edited in to allow for tracking in the development pipeline

  • Votes that do not make the top three retain their vote count until the next voting round

  • The author of a feature request that gets implemented will be awarded with a special Forum badge and title

Good to know:

  • Forum users can withdraw their vote from a certain feature request if they change their mind

  • A forum account is required to participate in the voting

Rules :straight_ruler:

  • A feature request has to be somewhat elaborate and specific to be considered. A feature request that only contains, for example, ”more aircraft” will not be considered. Also, feature requests that violate the guidelines of our community or are otherwise, by us the developers, considered unethical will not be considered.

  • We, as developers, have the ultimate say in weather or not a feature will get implemented. Regardless if a feature has many votes, it might not be suitable for implementation due to a range of different reasons. We will make sure to address our concerns for a certain feature request if needed.

  • We, as developers, take the liberty of altering a feature request, so that it may become better suitable for implementation. We will make sure to address our required altercations for a certain feature request if needed.

  • We, as developers, take the liberty to merge two requests if they are very similar and both have a lot of votes. We will make sure to address this prior to an action being taken.

  • Duplicates are allowed, we will not moderate the category for duplicates as we expect each feature request’s individual quality to self-moderate it. Duplicates who get equally high votes may be subject to a merge.

  • If a feature request only contains a title and no description text what so ever the topic will be hidden until it’s properly populated. This is due the fact that there has to be some form of bottom line in terms of quality.

FAQ :memo:

What kind of feature requests can I post?

Any kind that doesn’t violate the above mentioned rules! There is no feature request that is too small or too large, just make sure that you’re as elaborate and specific as possible.

How prioritized will the development of the feature request be compared to the rest of the development?

The implementation of feature requests will be prioritized in terms of feature development but naturally subordinate to bug fixing or other critical development tasks. Also, as creative directors of the game we will also work on implementation of other features that are not necessarily requested by the community that might at times be more prioritized. Additionally, a certain feature request that has been accepted for implementation may require, prior to its implementation, the development of a supporting feature or system which in that case naturally has priority (which will be clearly communicated upon acceptance and development of a certain feature request).

We might also break a large feature request into several minor issues, in order avoid feature requests taking too long to implement. This will be properly communicated via editing in all issue links for a feature request in its specific feature request topic.

What’s the difference between this category and the Ideas category?

While the ideas posted and shared in the Idea category are great, we wanted to start off with a clean slate. This is partly because some of the ideas posted in the Ideas are already implemented or deprecated but mostly because we want all feature request to start with the same opportunity to be seen by everyone (and not hidden several pages back).

… but I’ve posted a really great idea in the Ideas category and don’t want to do it again!

No problem! Contact anyone in the moderating team or a community leader and we can transition the topic into the Feature Voting category (make sure to include a direct link to the topic in question).

How can I make forum users vote for my feature request?

Quality, quality, quality! The more elaborate and detailed your feature request is the more likely it is others will vote for it. You can include anything from formatted text and links to pictures of models or graphs in your feature request, only your imagination sets the boundaries.

Can I still submit suggestions via Jira?

Yes, you can, however we’re much less likely to act on a major suggestion that is inputted through Jira as opposed to one that is thoroughly and elaborately explained in this feature voting category. Minor suggestions filed through Jira such as, for example, “enable a tool tip for this UI button” will still be considered.

Feature Request Implementation Tracking :mag_right:

In an attempt to make it as easy as possible to follow the development of a certain feature request we’ve launched a public Trello board that is automatically synchronized with the ACEO Jira instance. On this Trello board, you can follow the development of a feature request as it passes through our development pipeline.

You can also create a Trello account and subscribe to an issue to get instantly notified when the status of a feature is updated, for example when it transitions from “Ready for Experimental Branch” to “Deployed on Experimental Branch”.

Click here to get to the Airport CEO Feature Trello board!

Large airplanes?
From the bus to the airplane
Airport construction vehicles and cranes
Feature Voting Launched!
Different forms of retailing
Shuttle Transport
International flights/customs/segregating domestic and international passangers
Takeoff/Landing Direction
Garbage Operation System (GOS)
Cargo trucks use multiple loading sites

Let me leave this here, for everyone that already typed out this one great idea somewhere :slight_smile:.


Hi Olaf, when the feature start getting implemented, would it be possible for the requests that have been implemented be added to a locked category within the voting section to help players identify what has been implemented when adding new ideas to the voting category (players might think they have a cool idea but not unlocked that feature yet to know it already exists).


Hey! That’s a really good idea, when a feature is implemented it will be locked and moved to a sub category (I’ll create the category now but keep it locked down).

I also did a slight update to the rules and clarified some points, just FYI.


How do you vote? Do we just put our name in the comment?


If you click on a thread in the featuring voting list you see a square left of the title and a ‘vote’ button underneath, click that and you’re done :wink:

Note that you have 10 votes, the forum will tell you when you have 2 votes left and will block you from more than 10 votes, enjoy!


So if I’m reading this correctly…

Once a requested feature has been implemented, the associated topic will be closed and the votes will be returned to the user.

Come next round of voting if these features have not yet been implemented, close to a 1000 votes will be missing?


Once the voting is opened back up, people can remove their votes from topics they voted on, so nothing will actually be missing.