Feature Voting


Love the game and love the community but was wondering if feature voting is the best way to move an early access game forward.

Having read a lot of reviews on steam the two biggest complaints are lack of new features and bugs. The devs are doing a great job on bugs and while I don’t agree that development is slow I can see where these commenters are coming from.

My issue with the feature voting is that while it is good to see what people want it might impinge on what is needed to be added or what would improve the game in the quickest way being added.

For example the time that it has take to develop both remote stands and multiple floors (both great features) but large and time consuming. I wonder how many more smaller features could be added instead if only one big feature was selected.

Also once we have multiple floors and lot more space to build in it would be a shame to see the next voting round approve features that do not take advantage of this space. For example once we have separate arrivals floor we are going to need something to fill it i.e. immigration and customs.

While I acknowledge it’s a great way to determine community interest in features and keep them involved I worry that not having total control of your development roadmap puts off others who are not active community members but their purchase of the game keep the studio light one as logical development arcs are not seen through.

Maybe the two votes for one big feature and two little ones out of a list the devs have created is a better way to go?

This is just my two pence and expect that I might be in a minority but curious to what others thinks.


Dozens of new features have been delivered since the Feature voting and I bet that many more will be before the multi-level is finally there. New airplanes, soundtracks, single boarding desks, path optimization etc.

Small things are often smuggled in between. :slight_smile:


The nice thing about feature voting is that the input comes from people who play the game a lot more than the developers (they program the game but don’t put hours a day playing it). Thing suggested at feature voting are often the things that most people consider missing or solutions to keep the game moving forward. It is all about “what am I still missing at this point of development?” and “what can we do about the problems I encounter at this point of development?”.

In your example you say that we need something to fill up all the extra space, which is a good point. However, what would the game be like if we first got all the features without the space to put them somewhere?


My example about the space is more an observation of what might happen next and agree that it had to be implemented to make space for new features.

I am looking toward the next round of voting and wonder what happens if super jumbos or incidents (both things I want in) are voted next and we don’t get other features that might be more suitable as growth objectives.

I take the abobmve point that new content has been added but not many new features/mechanics in the game.

This is no way a critisim of the game or its development it was more just an opinion.


Sure, I personally get you. Very often I was annoyed while reading yet another Dev Log about vacations, office moving or game fair, while I was so eager to check the new ingame features (sorry DEVs, this is just a feeling, I know that you have a life… ;E ).

Let’s hope that with the new ninja onboard we will get the game stuff done. But before we launch another voting, let’s have the multi levels, which was my feature. :smiley: