Features so far


What features are already implemented? And if so how fully is a specific feature working? Just curious as to what will be in game at EA release?


Wait for 0-3 week(s).


Wow. Thats going to be a pretty exhaustive list (though not as extensive as the requested features list)
I guess the ‘fastest’ way to compile such a list would be to go through the Change logs of the 79 devlogs


Or watch the gameplay videoes


I think the list is too extensive and difficult to compose a list like this. Many things changed, so you would need to read all the changes on the bottom of every devlog to make sure that you got them all…


Trust me i tried… but it was very hard to do as, as Jeremy said, features change between devlogs.


I would like the release on the 10’th of August. checks date Yup, today would be nice. :slight_smile:

I really am going crazy checking the steam page daily. I feel like a kid again. Is it out yet?


We’re all with ya there Hawker. In thinking that 18th. These devs want it to be so polished which is great considering some devs rush games out. A polished EA is awesome thing. Friday I believe is when the 2 week hold is over from steam direct. So anytime after that.


The two week store page is up but still no news that steam have approved a build of the game!


Does it need to be two weeks after approval?
I apologize in advance if it´s a stupid question but i don´t know how it works.
I´m glad i´m not the only one checking steam, sometimes multiple times a day


Steam has a requirement where the Steam page has to be up at least 2 weeks before the game can be released. :slight_smile:


Have you watched the three YouTube videos the developers have made? That’s a good starting point, although some things have changed slightly or been added since then.


I´ve wached all the videos several times :slight_smile:
Thanks @pderuiter, that´s what i have understood from other threads but i started worrying


Here, I’ll start a list:




Nah babe, u forgot simulation and Management…they are the most important and trickiest part of the game.


You guys forget the most important feature!

You can zoom in and out :open_mouth:

(This topis is going to be trolled I guess locking it is a good idea)