Flight Diversion

Feature request title:
Flight divertion after not being able to land

In real life all flight plans contain at least 1 alternative airport. These flights begin with enough fuel for the destination + alternative + contigency. A plane will try to land at an airport a few times until the crew decides they have to proceed to their alternative airport.

If there is a problem at the airport, such as a emergency, bad weather, not enough parking spots (overcrowding), etc… the cew may decide to proceed directly to the alternative without even trying to land.

Why it should be implemented:
Sometimes, if a problem occurs in airpot CEO (if it takes too long for all services to be provided to an airplane), a gate may be occupied for hours, and the subsequent plane scheduled for that stand will keep trying to land indefinitely. I’ve seen it happen for as long as 4 in game hours, which is not very realistic.

I’ve provided a somewhat detailed description, however, operationally in the game it would just dismiss an awaiting flight after a set time.

I think it will be coming in Alpha 36 when you don’t have instrumental systems like CAT I, II, III approach lights etc