Flight Frequency

Are there any more flight frequencies than daily and once in the game? Wish the contract system was much deeper than it is actually…

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A flight can repeat up to 6 times. Longer schedules do not exist.
It’s like seasonal flights. :slight_smile:

I know that, what I meant is more an UI thing.


Funny side note:
That flight repeats for the following 4 days.

can you send in a bug report with such an example? I thought that has been fixed a long time ago. :confused:

How and what do you need?

Nevermind, after I loaded the save today, it has gone.

Anyways, what I originally wanted to say is, that I’d like to see a more complex variaty of frequencies (like, daily, weekly, twice a week, etc) - though I know, it’s unlikely to to be added by that stage of the game.

Are you running the latest version of the game?

The same again. With easyJet it is the same as well. For your note: I just signed the master contracts.

Gameversion should be the latest.


I filed a bug report though the number disappeared, when I tapped out…something with Mercury 4…

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Possibly not a bug in the flight screen but in the planner itself. Because actually I haven’t seen a real one-time flight since Alpha.

So does it happen every time you sign a new contract or at random?

Yes, due to “organizational changes” the ACEO key is replaced with ‘MERCURY’.

It happened with easyJet as well as with Germanwings. I signed a new master contract with both. The Zimex one I had a master contract already, as far as I can remember.

Any insight on this @Fredrik?

Hi, I found the issue. it was a simple UI bug where the text didn’t update properly. It should now say flight frequency “daily” on commercial flights and “once” for general aviation. :slight_smile: