Flight Monitoring - Pending & Departed + Averages/Totals

Hello All,

We’ve all been there, an airport that has grown successfully but with a few issues here and there but difficult to narrow down and improve. The Flight Monitor is a fantastic tool (thank you to the developers!), but can’t help thinking there is so much great information there that could be helpful without necessarily complicating things too much, as naturally we don’t want data overkill and too much info.

What’s the idea?

  • Have the flight monitoring section in two tabs, one for Departed and one for Pending or one above the other in the same tab and be able to show/hide each.
  • Departed Section - A nice place for flights to still be visible once departed to see any issues in previous rolling 24 hours
  • Pending Section - As we currently have in place, displaying a rolling next 24 hours of scheduled flights (and those still not yet departed and delayed)
  • Some total/averages on each of the 2 tabs/sections, such as lowest/average/highest values for ARR/Turn/DEP delays for departed, and max/average delay for those pending (let’s see who can get those in the green at Zero or less!).
  • Highlight any services/activities not complete before scheduled departure time, even if they were complete before push back.

Why? What could this be useful for?

  • The info on departed flights would be huge help to see what issues have occurred on delayed flights, especially if there is a flag/highlight on any services that failed to reach 100% before when the flight should have pushed back and departed on time. For example we may see that catering and subsequently boarding are always flagged up as running late beyond departure time, or that we’re always leaving bags behind and not completing cleaning, when we opt to not delay a flight.
  • Averages could be a great way to compete with other CEO’s and even form part of airline contracts and if businesses want to support our airports or not. They would be great for showing us CEO’s how the past 24 hours compares with the current situation. Seeing the min/average/max delays for pending flights and departed flights would help us see if we are improving, or heading for disaster.