Flight Planner - Drag and drop "Available Slot" or Create Templates

Flight Planner - Drag and drop “Available Slot” or Create Templates


  • Ability to plan ahead, maybe drag and drop “Availability slot” onto the planner, which is then available for the automation to make use of as and when flights are offered.
  • Could be made available in line with existing achievements and unlocking of night flying and employing relevant exec.
  • Create availability slots that recur everyday of week if wish. It will repeat across the 7 days, and if you move one, it will move them all. If a flight is already using it, the flight will move with it.

Why should it be implemented

  • Realistic, without over complicating the existing method - this is almost exactly how real world airports operate (though their emphasis is on runway slots, though some do have terminal restrictions as a secondary method too)
  • Indirectly manage our runway slots - although it wouldn’t be specific to the runways, it would serve that purpose relatively easily without complicating things further.
  • Bridge the gap between too many stands to manually manage, and not enough staggering by the automation - The automation is a hero, but we’ve all I’m sure noticed that if you have any more than 5-10 stands you start to see multiple flights with the same slot on the planner and delays are unavoidable. But it is also too much to manually control.
  • Dropping in a Recurring availability slot would be amazing to then quickly and effectively, fix any bottleneck and crowding issues at a certain time of day, maybe the CEO needs to work on disrupting the flights out around that time, maybe extend the hours into the night!
  • Customise how your airport utilises it’s stands, or the number of night flights that are possible.

Welcome any feedback on this idea :slight_smile:


Would be cool, and would be better if you could set airlines per slot


CASUALLY COMMITS REVIVAL, still really want this lol


Yes. Yes. Yes. Please. +1


That would be nice.

Make it possible, to add, say 4 slot layouts, so you can pre-plan a few plan types.

I could think of

  • only daytime slots
  • 24h of slots
  • volcano slot buildup
  • a variation of the above, but then with new stands included, not live yet.
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Yep! As I suggested in the new feature request (Now closed) this is very needed

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