Flights have stopped arriving



I have been playing a save game for many days without any issue but this evening all of a sudden flights are no longer arriving at my airport even though they are scheduled. I have tried exiting the game and coming back in which some aircraft land I then get warning about delaying the flight but before I can do anything they start taking off without any passengers and then no other plans land.

Sometimes when I load the game staff stop doing anything and at security even though staff are manning the checkpoint it says it’s unmanned. If I destroy the checkpoint the staff stay in place.

Please find my save game:


These are certainly bugs, have you reported them with the ingame bug reporting tool? That’s very usefull for the dev’s because it includes a copy of your airport, log files and specs. These are all valuable for them to sort these issues out.


I have now reported it using the ingame bug reporting tool as you suggested. Thank you. :slight_smile:


If it is a design flaw, maybe the community can help.

Post some screenshots pls! :smiley:


i have the same issieu

report bug nr ACO-10331


Found the issue! Fix will be deployed to next experimental update! :slight_smile:


Thank you! Saves me having to start again. :smiley:


thank you. when is the next update scheduled for this problem?


It should be available on the experimental branch now :slight_smile: