Float Airlines

Hey all! I just wanted to announce my first venture into the Airport CEO modding world with the first fictional company I am rolling out. I plan on working on some designs and company ideas for a creative outlet in times like these.

I appreciate any suggestions and / or feedback for Float and / or future projects! I am also looking forward to expanding opportunities for modders within Airport CEO!

Float Airlines
Headquartered in stunning and sunny Los Angeles, California, Float Airlines is a premier US air carrier. Float routes connect between several major destinations including San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas, Denver, New York, and Boston. The airline prides itself on its premium travel features ranging from executive lounges in major destinations and a near impeccable on-time record.

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*Screenshots have been removed due to new-forum-member restrictions, will be added when I can. - Known issue on the flag placement for the port-side of aircraft, will be fixed.


Looks GREAT, Love the logo! One Suggestion on the Forward Logo to move it slightly higher above the windows so that the bottom of "FLOAT don’t get flushed out by the windows.


Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely add that to the fixes I plan on applying to the Float design :grin:

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Great job, I love the livery!


I love the livery. And I love the description.


Thanks! @TheAviator @win_win Let me know if you come across any errors.