Floor ideas


I thought about bigger floors for bigger terminals. F.e. a floor that when placed as one tile, will look normally, it will have it’s texture, for example concrete. If it will be placed 2x2, It will still look like this. If we’ll go even bigger (4x4) It’ll look like it has 4 large tiles. I mean that one tile would be 2x2.I need it because when I place a tiles floor in a big terminal, or looks kinda strange. Also because I’ve seen this floor in some airports. it would be nice if we can mod the floor. Modded floor wouldn’t be hard to implement. People would create some!



We believe that user generated content is what makes a game and its community really thrive. As Airport CEO develops from an early access title to a full game, we will gradually convert game components to become modifiable. While this implementation roadmap is not set in stone the general idea is that, from a development and technical perspective, the less complex a game component is the earlier it will become modifiable.

Airport CEO has already in this early development stage modifiable components and this is the place for you to read more and learn about how to successfully implement yours or others’ creations into the game.

I copied this from the modding website www.airportceo.com/modding.:wink:


Okay, I’ll delete the modding part.