FORUM GAME: Aviation Trivia!


What is the tallest air traffic control tower in the world? Without the level of ground elevation accounted into its hight. I know the answer but I want to see if you guy can guess the right answer. The winner gets Bragging rights and if no one guesses the right answer then I’ll say it and then no one wins. Also If you want ask another aviation trivia question.


It is Bangkok right?


I am wildly guessing now but I think Bangkok, too. Followed by maybe Kuala Lumpur, Atlanta, Tokyo Haneda, Guangzhou, Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Indianapolis, Orlando International… but just guessing. :confused:


Nope try another continent.


One hint is that the control tower is in North America.


Anyone else? See if you can get the question correct.


I am just randomly guessing… Miami?


Nope, keep on guessing until you give up.




Is it JFK?


Nope, keep on guessing.


Kuala Lumpur with 133.8 meters. (According to

Bangkok is second with 132 meters

SFO got a new tower, but thats not even close with 67 meters

so please enlighten us


Huh? But you said:

One hint is that the control tower is in North America.

Where in North America is Kuala Lumpur? Was that the trick? Besides, “alpha” has already said KL.


Soon enough it’ll be Jeddah in Saudi-Arabia btw with the new tower being ~136 m tall. :tokyo_tower:


Minor tidbit, technically speaking the tallest ATC tower is the Vancouver Harbour Flight Center, standing 142 meters atop of Granville Square.


Thats what got me confused.
To be fair though. Alpha said Bangkok, followed by KL, so that was incorrect.
But the North America part i dont understand :slight_smile:


Anyway, if you want a question. Highest airport in the world


We’re talking about commercially used airports? Then Daocheng with some other Chinese airports in that region around Nepal/Bhutan/Myanmar.


I’m sorry:cry:
dl1892 is correct and is the winner.
When I saw the website by pderuiter I was tricked and I named them the winner. I then came back to the guinness world records website and found that the information they gave was false. With having the tallest ATC be Kuala Lumpur with 133.8 meters. Then upon further investigation I found that information was correct in I believe August of 2013. And the Vancouver Harbour Flight Center is actually the tallest in hight.
I will allow pderuiter to get the bragging rights, and dl1892 was correct and can also post a question. Happy questioning and playing the game. Once again i’m so dreadfully sorry.:cry: Hope you guys can for give me.


I know, it was too easy :slight_smile: